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June 19, 2013

Qantas New Uniform Launch Fashion Show, Preparation, Sydney, Backstage

MAC_4461SonnyphotosQExciting, Martin Grant launches the new uniform for Qantas, and what I like about it is that Qantas and Martin decided to use Qantas staff the model the new uniform in a fashion show as opposed to hiring models, so as you can imagine, there is a great vibe backstage MAC_4463SonnyphotosQAnd the M.A.C. team are doing make up today, so staff in good hands MAC_4470SonnyphotosQrehearsal time MAC_4482SonnyphotosQ



MAC_4503SonnyphotosQJ'adore MAC_4514SonnyphotosQ
looks who's here to give a hand for their runway debut , so much positive energy, bound to rub off on the runway newbies :-) MAC_4517SonnyphotosQPro hair team as well, golden treatment

MAC_4538SonnyphotosQMartin Grant going through the final run through MAC_4542SonnyphotosQ

MAC_4605SonnyphotosQMartin illustrating the correct way to tie the scarf MAC_4634SonnyphotosQI like this shot of Martin MAC_4641SonnyphotosQI like how he is so involved in all aspects of the collection MAC_4645SonnyphotosQCharacter :-) MAC_4689SonnyphotosQJ'Adore. Catherine Baba has been brought in to style the collection.
(click on J'adore to see Catherine's video )


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