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July 09, 2013

Milan > Paris

CLD_4569Sonnyphotosnice summer colours on this departure day CLD_4570Sonnyphotoslove this shot CLD_4575Sonnyphotos like a challenge :-)
CLD_4576Sonnyphotoslove it CLD_4579Sonnyphotosone of the many lakes outside Milan at the foothills of the alps CLD_4582Sonnyphotossnow and melting lakes CLD_4583Sonnyphotossee-ing more of the Alps as opposed to on our way over to Milan CLD_4584Sonnyphotos




CLD_4596Sonnyphotoswe were descending to land, and as I looked out the window, I thought , why is the captain accellarating to land ? And off we went again CLD_4597Sonnyphotostht plane you see in front there, well, it was taking a bit too long to take off for this captains liking, adn he felt it un safe to land, when it was still on the tarmac , slowly taking off, so he did a TATA, turn around try again CLD_4599SonnyphotosWill be going there soon for Raf Simons show at the Bourget Airport, where Gagosian has anb art galery set up CLD_4600Sonnyphotoswell , with this Tata, get to see Paris CLD_4602Sonnyphotosdisney world


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