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September 07, 2011

The Kamal catches a ride(r)

Me on my Tribeca Grand Bike, riding along Mercer street with a couple of polyboards to put my photos  on for the exhibition. As I was riding along Broadway, I was riding against the wind, so was a bit of a sight, but no problem for me, had a lot of practice when I was 15-17, riding my bmx bike to the beach with surfboard under my arm. Anyway, as I was a bit of a site with this board under my arm along broadway, I had quite a few shots taken of me by people, so I decided to go along quiter Mercer street, when I saw Kamel from Style And the City, shooting some fashiony type, so of course I did not mind Kamel taking a shot of me. I must say, looking at it now, I look like I live here , hahaha

September 05, 2011

time for a reminder



September 03, 2011

Exhibition at Tribeca Grand , opening this Thursday night

GLBACKSonnyPhotos This year it is a little different, because not only do you get my photos, but you also GLFrontSonnyPhotos get my friend, Candice Lake's photos as well.
so come down on the big night if in town

August 22, 2011

Diane Down Under :-)

_IZO1982Sonnyphotos breakfast with the crew on Elizabeth street _IZO1985Sonnyphotos Lucinda Rose and Felecity from Pages Digital drop by _IZO1991Sonnyphotos After breakfast we meet up with the legendary frockwriter ( yes, getting in my shot ) to take a fashion icon to see the Sydney icon _IZO1992Sonnyphotos was a bit windy on the northern terrace _IZO2013Sonnyphotos nice _IZO2017Sonnyphotos
_IZO2028Sonnyphotos after the opera house we meet up with Liz Blakiston, who flew over from Perth this morning, at the Anna Schwartz gallery in Eveleigh at the carriageworks _IZO2029Sonnyphotos
_IZO2033Sonnyphotos Gallery director Simeon Kroneberg _IZO2035Sonnyphotos
_IZO2044Sonnyphotos Diane & Liza. After the gallery we have a lunch at this great cafe set up in the carriageworks. P8170409Sonnyphotos next morning, last day for Diane, so another breakfast on Elizabeth street and this time we are joined by the talented Luke & Anna. I really wanted the team behind Romance Was Born to meet Diane, and am glad Diane availed herself as she is only in Sydney for a short period ( flying out this afternoon ) But we will get her back, she's hooked ( just make sure there's a koala to hug available and she won't think about the long flight over-or down )

August 19, 2011

ASVOFF after party at the Blakiston's

_IZO1900Sonnyphotos Miguel, Jacqui & Graham at the entrance, we had to have a shot to show you the hundreds of beautiful red roses at the entrance. ( And Jacqui wearing her new Romance Was Born printed candle dress ) _IZO1905Sonnyphotos Miguel does a quick portrait _IZO1908Sonnyphotos of this gentleman, who has come down from the very north of Western Australia to accept an award at the W.A. art gallery on behalf of his mother ( sorry, but the name has escaped me) _IZO1911Sonnyphotos The kichen, were hired chefs are cooking up the yummiest little morsels of food, and they just kept coming out. _IZO1912Sonnyphotos Liza and Michael have filled their house with contemporary art, and it is done in such a nice way, enough so you see it all , but not overdone, so you don't feel like you ar ein a museum and can't touch anything. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it still feels like a home, a very nice home :-) _IZO1913Sonnyphotos even nicer with a pretty girl in the photo _IZO1917Sonnyphotos loving the dark version of arum lillies in all those vases _IZO1918Sonnyphotos what an incredible looking flower _IZO1924Sonnyphotos and this hot chick that keeps following me :-) _IZO1925Sonnyphotos Miguel, host Liza and Graham _IZO1931Sonnyphotos the crew _IZO1933Sonnyphotos the end of the night and time to say our goodbyes. Some will stay in Perth, but most of us will fly out to Sydney.

ASVOFF first Australian premiere & The Cell

_IZO1879Sonnyphotos later that evening Diane Pernet present, to a select and lucky few, her 3rd Shaded View on Fashion Film festival at the PICA. _IZO1885Sonnyphotos After the screening, part of the museum , with it's contemporay art, was still open. Including Brooke Andrew's The Cell. _IZO1888Sonnyphotos I had heard , seen and read about this exhibition, and all day been working out a way to get Diane in there. _IZO1894Sonnyphotos There was no way, however, Diane would take of her shoes and put on the required uniform ( which is like a complete suit with the same graphic ) _IZO1896Sonnyphotos In the end, this is the closest I got Diane to go, still a good photo, no ?

Headus 3D Scanning ( a little Hollywood in the Perth Hills )

_IZO1842Sonnyphotos After our Koala experience, we are invited by Connor, from Zekka, to visit his Auntie's place Jill, in the hills of Hollywood Perth. We are greeted by Jill Smith at her charming home, _IZO1844Sonnyphotos after a quick tour of the extensive garden, including a bee hive ( yummy honey ) we are invited to the basement, where all the action happens. You see, Jill, runs a company called HEADUS which does a lot of the 3D scanning work, and special effects for movies like X-men, Wolverine, King Kong, Avatar, HellBoy 2, Matrix reloaded..etc... Here Phillip is only to happy to give us a basic rundown on how it works _IZO1847Sonnyphotos and proposes to do a 3D scan of Diane _IZO1849Sonnyphotos not only are we blown away by the technology of it all, but the speed as well. 3 scans and 5 minutes later, and we have a 3D of Diane's head, the applications now are endless. Diane bronze cast head coming to all good stores near you soon :-)

January 26, 2011

Back In Belgium and Shadows play at Wim & Hilda's

IMG_0435sonnyphotos ( taken with phone cam )

January 08, 2011

Hilda & Wim's visit to my parents place

IMG_7314 As you know, I spent a little time at my folks place, and all the posts will be about food, swimming & relaxing in the sun travelling around throught the surrounding areas and my dad treating some horses etc... so happy to see Hilda do a post from her recent visit more on the art of Leentje ( my mum ) and the house
So check out Hilda's posts here and here oh and here too

November 16, 2010

My First Solo Photo Exhibition in Paris

PA070244Sonnyphotos Wouter Wiels from Rive de la Beaute, has been a fan of my work for some years, and this time he did some thing about it and included me in his Rive De La Beaute project by installing my photos in an exhibition in the middle of the passage Royale in Paris PA070247Sonnyphotos So after the week of fashion shows I finally got 10 min to go down and check it out PA070248Sonnyphotos the girls and their favourite photo PA070250Sonnyphotos I like how it is accesible to the public by being on the street like this PA070251Sonnyphotos PA070253Sonnyphotos
PA070256Sonnyphotos PA070257Sonnyphotos
PA070260Sonnyphotos like :-)