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March 30, 2010

Boudicca AW10 Presentation

_PAR8477BoudicaSonnyPhotosAwesome colours_PAR8483BoudicaSonnyPhotos_PAR8478BoudicaSonnyPhotos_PAR8485BoudicaSonnyPhotos_PAR8486BoudicaSonnyPhotosSometimes I just feel so lucky, like tonight, Diane was invited to a private dinner Chez Boudicca, see-ing as I met her before and had fun taking photos of her presentation last season , Diane thought I should come along as well. And as you can from above, again, great collection, but no house model this time, instead, a dinner with...as surprise guests Rosey Chan to play an intimate concert for us , accompanied by none other than Mike Figgis ( acclained Director - Leaving Las Vegas, Time Code ) one word AWESOME.
I was a bit hesitant, but after the performance, I asked Zowie ( the designer) if it would be at all possible to take some shots of Rosey in the outfits she just wore in the performance, of course , Zowie replie, let me just quickly as her. Twenty min later , this is what I did, and I so glad Rosey is so easy going Rosey Click on photo for larger view_PAR8494BoudicaSonnyPhotos _PAR8487BoudicaSonnyPhotos _PAR8547BoudicaSonnyPhotos _PAR8568BoudicaSonnyPhotos_PAR8581BoudicaSonnyPhotos_PAR8566BoudicaSonnyPhotos _PAR8604BoudicaSonnyPhotos Mike Figgis also obliged for a portrait on the spot, nice, thank you. Now, not only is Mike an accomplished and acclaimed director , he also plays trumpet and a pretty jazzy bass as well, which he did this evening with Rosey_PAR8596BoudicaSonnyPhotos _PAR8614BoudicaSonnyPhotos love this shot
For another post on this special night, check out Diane's posts here & here, and do this while listening to the video I shot on Diane's camera below

November 13, 2009

Spirit Of Youth Awards aka SOYA

Back in Sydney, and straight for a night of awards and shop openings, first on the list , the Qantas sponsored SOYA. Great initiative for young emerging talent to get some cash, free qantas flights, which no doubt will give them a leg up in their careerIMG_4466
2007 SOYA fashion winner, Ben Pollock, tells us a bit how the mentoring programme that comes with the awards has helped him, he now has a succesfull label called Friedrich Gray ( click here to see my shots backstage from his last show back in May ) IMG_4469
The Zimmerman sisters announce the winner of this years awardIMG_4470
But first, the candidates, Romance Was Born, Gary Bigini and Arnsdorf IMG_4473
And the winner is Anna and Luke from Romance Was Born, congrats guys, now look out for the next issue of KAREN magazine ( out end this week ) with a shoot I did with Rachael Rutt and clothes from their latest collection ( here's another look at their 2008 collection )IMG_4474
Rachel Ward announces the winner of short film, Kasimir BurgessSoya
And Nirrimi Hakanson wins the fashion photo prize ( how good is this photo, check out her other work -only 17y.o. ! )

November 04, 2009

Australian Surf Movie Festival or ASMF

My friend Tim Bonython , has his surf movie festival on again this year at the Palm Berach RSL club. But first to Palm Beach for dinner, and what beautiful light_SDY0129
Nothing beats a good fish & Chips_SDY0130
Waiting for our meal at the Palmy fish & chips shop_SDY0146
After dinner, off to the RSL for Tim's surf movie night, here he is setting up the projector, room slowly filling up_SDY0147
Before the night gets under way, Tim has a brief chat about what he is about to show us tonight_SDY0153
packed room
And then we are treated to a little acoustic session by Nick Saxon from Newcastle, and he's not bad, check the grommets_SDY0174
Nick did another session during intermission as well_SDY0178
before the big waves, lucky door prizes, and lucky us, Belle won a little goodie bag, and now India wins apair of sunglasses, lucky_SDY0179
The deal was though , who ever had the lucky ticket, to get the sunnies , they had to model them on stage_SDY0182
cute, crowd loved it of course_SDY0184
now for the reason we are here. . . .waves....big waves _SDY0185
and hollow_SDY0194
grommets frothing at the front there I'm sure_SDY0196
now check this beast of a wave out. It's an outer break called Shipsterns ( shipwreck ) in Tasmania, so cold water, and solid waves, but this sequence is just hairy scary_SDY0197
how small is he compared the beast frothing behind him_SDY0198
but wait, check this little ( big ) step building up in his path_SDY0199
n o  w a y  !  !_SDY0200
total silence in the room, as the crowd is gobsmacked_SDY0201
Airborn ! This would have to be up there with someof the sickest, heaviest wave Tim has ever got on footage_SDY0202
awesome. Thanks Tim for another awesome night of entertainment. And all you surfers out there, what am I saying, you don't even have to be a surfer to appreciate this footage, all of you out there, do yourself a favour and check out Tim's movie.
Here's a list of Venue's
Byron Bay The Great Northern Hotel | Wed 4th Nov 8pm
Milton/Ulludulla Theatre | Sat 14th Nov 8pm
Newcastle View Factory | Sat 28th Nov 8pm 
Coolangatta Sands | Thurs 5th Nov - 8pm
Kirra Surf Stock Festival - Currumbin | Sat 7th Nov 7pm
The Astor Cinema | Tues 10th Nov 8pm
The Espy | Wed 11th Nov 8pm | 18‘yrs ONLY

The Espy | Thurs 12st Nov 8pm | 18‘yrs ONLY

Streaky Bay Hotel | Thurs 19th Nov 7.30pm
Semaphore Odeon Star Cinema | 20th Nov 8pm
Adelaide Mercury Cinema| Sat 21st Nov 6pm & 8pm
But to be sure , check Tim's site just check the site for dates and also for the trailer, it will have you wanting more

August 26, 2009

A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival

June 19, 2009

Tim Bonython

In the meantime, my friend Tim has just put up this 5 minute clip from his latest Tahitian Trip to Teahupoo. The size of the lip of these waves is incredibly, and powerfull, wouldnot wnt to get hit inthe head by one of those. If you want to see some epic waves, including Laird Hamilton getting barreled on a stand up paddle board, body boarder serioulsy eat it after the over head helicopter shot , then clickidyclick here