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September 25, 2012

My New York Times coverage of Giorgio Armani

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September 24, 2012

Meanwhile, back in Sydney, the WISH campaign I shot back in July is out

WishTodd, the client just sent me this snap he shot I assume on his way to the office. So it links back to a post I did back in July where we flew to a location out in Australia on a little twin turbo prop 8 seater plane, destination unknown to the blog as it was still a secret, but can be revealed now, as we flew back to Mt. Ive ( Jacqui, the kids and I drove out there in Easter ) We had to do 2 refuel stops on the way, here's a link to the post I did in July from our journey there, plus here's one Jacqui did also on her blog, this after I was picked up at the airport at 6 in the morning from my flight to Europe, straight onto another plane to go to South Australia :-) Jacqui 05here's a shot of our model Bay Berger, just grabbed this pic from Jacqui's blog
Was great to have Jacqui come along as well, as for one, I had not seen here in a month, and she took  loads of photos for a behind the scene special, here's but a few from her post on her blog. Me hard at work and enjoying every second of it :-) Jacqui 02as well as shooting at Mt Ive we naturally also shot on the salt lake, this, the place we fell in love with back in Easter. Jacqui 03Except this time there was a thin layer of water on the salt lake, so that with no breeze around, it turned the lake into a perfect mirror _MG_2047JacquiTurner
Love this shot I just grabbed from Jacqui's post, will post the final result soon, but now have to dash of to another fashion show in Milan.

September 23, 2012

My New York Times coverage of Bottega Veneta

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September 22, 2012

My New York Times coverage of Sportmax

Here's the link to my New York Times photo diary

September 21, 2012

My New York Times coverage of Emporio Armani

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September 19, 2012

New York Times Photo of the Moment - coverage of Milan has beun


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Glamcult Preen Story

Glamcult 02sonnyMissed Preen in New York this season ( they showed in London last week instead, possibly because she is pregnant and rightfully did not feel like flying ) Glamcult 01sonnySo I thought best to post this article I did the photos for in Dutch Glamcult on Preen Glamcult 04sonny

Glamcult 05sonny

September 07, 2012

STYLEBY magazine story

Innehall_SB1211CSonnyphotosElin Kling has a magazine in Sweden called Styleby, they recently did a story on Balmain whihc I shot Balmain_SB1211Sonnyphotos



September 02, 2012

Glamour Germany Cover

GlamourNew German Glamour is out with a picture I took at Ostwald Helgason's first Fashion show in New York last February.  I'm happy for him to get this extra exposure as it was a great collection from this new comer :-)

August 05, 2012

Karen Walker's mag

IMG_1046sonnyWas meant to post this a while ago, but slipped through the cracks for a bit ( also, I was waiting for a copy of the cover, so instead I just took a pic of it just now with my phone ) But yeah, Karen Walker and her team produce this great looking mag called The department Store newspaper. All these years I have worked for Karen, and I had no idea she had this going as well and it looks great Pages 20sonnyFor this issue she utulized the backstage pics I did for a little editorial , looks great Pages 22sonny

Pages 23sonny

Pages 24sonny
IMG_1053sonnythe top shot was not sent to me, but saw it in the mag, so again, I just did a quick shot with the phone :-)
I'll try and get a copy of the latest issue and post it soon