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January 09, 2013

Drinks on the beach at Sunset

HMEL1642Sonnyphotoslove this spot at North Av, looking out across the beach close to sunset, time for a drink HMEL1646Sonnyphotoswarm day, small surf, bubbly time HMEL1649Sonnyphotos

HMEL1653SonnyphotosSo I got JAcqui this double "festival" chair, so we can both sit in it, lke a little lounge, so we set up camp...and drank :-) HMEL1663Sonnyphotos

HMEL1665Sonnyphotosbored local lads ( because of lack of swell ) HMEL1668Sonnyphotosempty glass, time to head home and get another bottle of bubbly out of the fridge HMEL1669Sonnyphotos

Lifelong friends of mine ( I hope )

HMEL1621SonnyphotosLove this shot JAcqui snapped of me with my friends. They say Cockatoes can live up to 80 years, are intelligent, active, noisy and love attention HMEL1622SonnyphotosSo I have been giving them a lot of attention, and am rewarded by being able to get up close to them while I feed them ( Love how our pet cat, Elsa, has gotten used to the birds as well, and is just casually preening herself in the background ) HMEL1625Sonnyphotos

Rainbow lorrikeets join in on the free feed HMEL1633Sonnyphotoson some days there will be three times a smany birds, and they follow me around the garden, love it HMEL1634Sonnyphotos
bananas looking good this year HMEL1637Sonnyphotos
ditto all the frangipani trees in the garden HMEL1640Sonnyphotoslove the shape of the leaves, especially the new ones HMEL1641Sonnyphotos

December 17, 2012

Adelaide Party Time

HMEL0956SonnyphotosLate afternoon sun HMEL0957Sonnyphotos
Sun still out and we are on our way out to a party HMEL0966SonnyphotosJacqui's friend from Adelaide, Kirsty, was having her big birthday party ( which is why we are in Adelaide-nice to be somewhere not for work for a change ) and one of her friends had set up a photobooth at her party ( have photobooth - will party ! ) complete with accessories , like this moustache being modelled by our model du jour. Not only was this fun, but I was impressed that this guy- Luke ( turns out he is a Qantas enginner ) had built the thing from scratch, built the booth, put in a light, hooked up a canon G9 to his computer,put the computer screen in as a monitor, and then also connected to his printer, plus, you had B&W or colour option button, well done Luke, anyway, enough talk, the photos.... IMG_1502sonny
yes, it was a fancy dress party IMG_1503sonnyLeen, remember that fighter pilot suit you had, and you told me to hang onto it in case I ever had to go to a fancy dress pary and you said I could go as a fighter pilot, and I dissed the idea saying I don;t do fancy dress party, well, I found the fighter suit a few days ago while going through some stuff ( yes, I'm cleaning up and throwing stuff away- a tiny bit ) and the theme was F, so perfect me as fighter pilot and Jacqui as a Fairy :-) ( So kids, always listen to your mum :) HMEL0970Sonnyphotosmy fairy HMEL0971Sonnyphotoswith those big lashes HMEL0972Sonnyphotos

HMEL0973Sonnyphotospeople in the photobooth HMEL0982SonnyphotosKirsty, birthday girl, open her present from Jacqui, a shot from Jacqui's " Adelaide, paintings in the sky" series HMEL0986Sonnyphotosoh no, not Raspberry and cream spilled on a Kym Ellery dress HMEL0990Sonnyphotos
always in the kitchen at parties

November 25, 2012

Le Chant Des Partisans

know this song well, as I got played on a regular place at my grandmothers, but I never had a copy or knew this existed on youtube ( silly me, what isn't these days on youtube ) So yesterday my uncle had it out on his Ipad and it found me to share with you guys now. This is a very emotional song for me, powerfull, as it means a lot to my grandmother, and everytime she hears it I can see the tears welling up in her eyes. so when I hear it i can almost feel her emotions. But one can never imagine. What an incredibly difficult period to have to have lived through. 

September 05, 2012

Soho Grand, my home this week

EUR_1147SonnyphotosAfter a lot of queuing at customs and then 2 hours in town car to get here from the airport I finally get to my home for the week, the lovely people from Grandlife are taking care of me this week, I usually stay at Tribeca Grand Hotel, but there are some changes happening there, so no exhibition this season. But check out my comfy bed, and loving the view looking up ( or down ) 6th Avenue, with the new towers going up at the financial district. Very comfy EUR_1148Sonnyphotosa bit later at night ( after I been out shopping ) EUR_1153Sonnyphotoslove the cute feel of the bathroom ( and must say, shower nozzle has more punch that the one at TBG ) EUR_1154Sonnyphotosearly in the mornig, about 4:30 am ( I'm still on europe time ) and I'm playing with my new toy, basically transferring my old computer to new computer :-)

September 03, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

_JAC7524JacquiTurner copyJacqui just sent me this awesome photo she took of me and Kita, so it's really happy fathers day for Kenny :-)

Barbeque Belgium style :-)

IMG_1167SonnyphotosI always catch up with Freddy and Agalia as well ( not that they have old bones, but yes, young spirit ) And this time he was having a bbq with some friends in Antwerp on the banks of the Schelde, In den Bocht van de schelde to be exact. so late afternoon, and the boys set up their webers IMG_1168SonnyphotosFredcha has a nice old skool one ( of course ) IMG_1169Sonnyphotosjust like IMG_1170Sonnyphotosthe old skool camera he's using, really instagram IMG_1171Sonnyphotos
el oo el IMG_1172Sonnyphotoslovely patch of green grass for us in den bocht IMG_1173Sonnyphotosturnign into a little competition between the boys to see who can start cooking first ( cut a long story short, the other guys ended up using Fredcha BBQ to finish cooking their meat :-) IMG_1175SonnyphotosNice, a lot of times I wish digital was never invented, I would be working a lot more for one :-) IMG_1176Sonnyphotosband of cloud on the coast line stealing our sunset IMG_1178Sonnyphotos

IMG_1179SonnyphotosYep, Freddy, you won that one, and just got your first visa application approved for Australia IMG_1180SonnyphotosBBQ, Belgium style, I like it IMG_1181SonnyphotosKerel in the background and Aglaia with Billy, getting tired IMG_1182Sonnyphotos

IMG_1183Sonnyphotosnever to tired for a photo :-) IMG_1237Sonnyphotosaaaah, so cute ! And she wanted for The Kabouter to come home with her hehehe, when asked which kabouter, she said Sonny

August 30, 2012

Last days in Sydney with phone cam

IMG_1116sonnyJacqui, again, serves up another yummy dish IMG_1118sonnyLunch at Franks Bar IMG_1119sonny

IMG_1121sonnyRichard at Fransk Bar makes a wicked iced coffee, no ice cream and add your own milk IMG_1124sonny

IMG_1125sonnylast night in Avalon, and awesome colours in the sky IMG_1130sonnyJacqui and I came down here to enjoy a glass on sunset, no surf and as soon as that sun was gone it got pretty chilly, yup, not summer yet, no by a good 15 degrees :-) IMG_1133sonnyloving the dessert at Qantas lounge IMG_1134sonnya mini pavlova in a glass, so delicious IMG_1136sonnyHere comes my plane for flight to London, with Sydney CBD in background IMG_1137sonnythe mighty A380

Sydney Biennale at Cockatoo Island

EUR_0746sonnyJacqui has been wanting to take me and the kids to Cockatoo Island for a while, to see the exhibtion on there as part of the Sydney Biennale. So of we went, and lucky for us, they have a free ferry running from Walsh bay ( easier parking for us ) to Circular Quay and onto Cockatoo Island, and looping around like that every 45min or so EUR_0752sonnylove our bridge EUR_0756sonnyand opera house EUR_0762sonny

EUR_0763sonnysuch amazing winter weather we are having in Sydney these past days, just awesome blue sky days, but no surf to go with it unfortunatly EUR_0768sonnyLeaving Circular Quay EUR_0770sonny


EUR_0778sonnySpunk alert EUR_0785sonnyon the island, Cockatoo Island was a naval shipbuilding yard, so lots of cranes and wharehouses around here EUR_0788sonny

EUR_0791sonnysome of which house exhibitions like this one EUR_0792sonny

EUR_0796sonnyawesome day EUR_0799sonnyawesome girl in tunnel EUR_0801sonnythis was one of the most popular pieces with young and old, a fine water mist EUR_0802sonny



EUR_0825sonnylove the look of these old cranes against the blue sky EUR_0828sonnyback to our beautiful bridge. I keep saying our, as I have a little gripe about the fact that we are still paying a toll to cross the bridge, and a rather high toll. Back inmy day...it used to be 20cents, then went up to a dollar, then a dollar twenty, at the time it was said that this was need to pay of the bridge, built in 1932, a lot of loans were invloved and the toll was used as a way to pay of this load and then State Premier came out with the big announcement some time in the late 80's that the "bridge was ours " as the loan was repayed. So, great, we all though, no more need for the tolls ( which slows traffic down a lot ) but no, now we are paying more than double, up to 4 in peak hour ( they now introduced different tolls for different times ) So yeah, if it is ours, why we still paying( more than double ) for it EUR_0830sonnyjust had to get that out sorry EUR_0831sonnyback at Walsh bay, there was still something to see as part of the biennale at wharf 2 as well EUR_0835sonny
spot the fam EUR_0838sonnyIndia trying to be taller than Jacqui EUR_0842sonnytime to head home, thanks Jacs for insisting we go ( even though I wanted to stay home and work in the vegie patch :-) It was a nice outing :-)

July 30, 2012

A week back in Avalon

IMG_0997SonnyWinter time, and another impending rain storm coming IMG_0996Sonnybut clouds on the horizon generally forecasts an increase in swell IMG_1003Sonnynext day, no increase in swell, but beautiful winter's day, so we go for a walk on the rocks at south Avalon, never been here, so interesting to see the beach from another angle IMG_1004Sonny'd love to have a place on the headland there. IMG_1005Sonnysome great natural sculptures in the sand stone rocks formed by wind and salt spray. Battery died at this stage, so no more pics from the rest of our walk, but we will come here again in summer for a swim, as we found a nice little cove that would be good for swimming, one of those summer days when there is no swell IMG_1015SonnyWinter means nice roast dinners, about to pop this in the oven IMG_1021SonnyAnd Avalon, means , sitting at the round table at Cranzgots and eating yummy pizza's