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May 06, 2013

Rooftop pool at the Pullman hotel Sydney

P4130009SonnyphotosNext morning after our Helium binge, before checking out we take a dip in the rooftop pool on this awesome autumn day. and I love the view, to the right you can see the opening to the ocean of the harbour P4130010Sonnyphotosand Sydney City and Hyde park to the left, great location P4130014Sonnyphotos



P4130019Sonnyphotosso many smiley faces, not because fashion week is over, or that we are in a rooftop pool...no , because we are about to board a plane and go on hoilday !! P4130023Sonnyphotosmother and son checking out the view P4130028Sonnyphotos

P4130032Sonnyphotospool reflections in the glass

April 06, 2013

Love me a council clean up

_AP_0733sonnyphotosO our way to check out these home extensions, I saw 4 big wooden ladders being thrown out, including a straight one with wooden rungs I been looking for to hang from the kitchen ceilinso we can hang our pots and pans of it with some butcher's hooks. But these big A frame ladders are a score I feel. So happy with my find, imagine if they made it to the garbage truck and were destroyed. SO we set these up in the garden and had some fun _AP_0737sonnyphotos

_AP_0748sonnyphotossharing is caring. Time for a drink as we wait for the sun to go down and do some photos with the fairy lights _AP_0751sonnyphotos



_AP_0778sonnyphotossome gif fun _AP_0784sonnyphotos

_AP_0795sonnyphotosnearly the whole family _AP_0801sonnyphotos

_AP_0803sonnyphotosaah, but we have the timer on the camera _AP_0804sonnyphotosthere we are, cat and all _AP_0810sonnyphotosmore gif fun _AP_0822sonnyphotosfairy light time _AP_0825sonnyphotosJacqui visibly impressed with my long exposures hehehe _AP_0831sonnyphotos

Surf Sessions at Bilgola Beach

Had some footage on go pro needing to be edited and published, so here's a 2 min clip of 2 sessions at Bilgola beach, one in Jan 2013 and then March. I don't surf that often at Bilgola, but the bank has been fun out there.

Shooting Lookbook with Valentina for Truese

Sonnyphotospoladroid01Charlotte Blakeney doing the make up and hair today at Wish studios Sonnyphotospoladroid02looking good Sonnyphotospoladroid03woohoo,looking glam Sonnyphotospoladroid04poladroid glam Sonnyphotospoladroid05ok, let's shoot

Alice Springs > Sydney flight back

NTA_2049sonnyphotosand yet another glorious blue sky day in the N.T. :-) NTA_2052sonnyphotostake off, and I see the ranges and gaps I visited yesterday NTA_2057sonnyphotosmust be Emily or Jessie's gap on the left NTA_2065sonnyphotosdid not see that before ( the green rectangles ) NTA_2066sonnyphotosnot even 5 minutes into the flight and I'm already like woauw NTA_2067sonnyphotosamazing, love it, get me back there !! :-) NTA_2068sonnyphotoszoomed out NTA_2069sonnyphotosagain, woauw, I need a few weeks and a serious 4WD and I promise I will produce some awesome photos NTA_2071sonnyphotosI mean, looking at it from up here, it's like our version of grand canyon, just looks so spectacular NTA_2072sonnyphotosif you look close, you will see the river bed on the rigth is still green NTA_2073sonnyphotosSaint Teresa, some 80km from Alice Springs in South Easterly direction. See-ing that know, wish I had spent an extra day ( or 4 ) driving south east :-) NTA_2075sonnyphotosbecause just before Saint Teresa you have those shots preceding the shot before saint teresa and then after saint teresa you get this, big snaking caterpillar NTA_2077sonnyphotoslook close and you could imagine a mars landscape NTA_2079sonnyphotoslooks like the flight is taking us exactly the same way as we flew in  NTA_2080sonnyphotosjust can't get over how awesome it looks down there NTA_2082sonnyphotos

NTA_2085sonnyphotosand then the Simpson desert starts NTA_2087sonnyphotos

NTA_2091sonnyphotos100's of kilometers of red sand NTA_2093sonnyphotosgive you an idea of where I am NTA_2095sonnyphotosyep same path as flight in NTA_2099sonnyphotos

NTA_2105sonnyphotosI wonder at what stage the Simpson is no longer and becomes theStrzelecki Desert NTA_2109sonnyphotos


NTA_2113sonnyphotosthere are those lines again, can anyone shed light on what they are NTA_2115sonnyphotos


NTA_2145sonnyphotosband of cumulus clouds NTA_2156sonnyphotos




NTA_2207sonnyphotostopof Australia lake NTA_2216sonnyphotos

NTA_2224sonnyphotosDarling river NTA_2234sonnyphotosone cloud NTA_2236sonnyphotostwo clouds NTA_2248sonnyphotosflying past Cobar again NTA_2258sonnyphotos

NTA_2261sonnyphotosgetting closer to the eastern seaboard NTA_2267sonnyphotos

NTA_2275sonnyphotosmust be cloudy day in Sydney today NTA_2283sonnyphotosthat's bush fire smoke amongst the clouds, somewhere in the blue mountains NTA_2284sonnyphotosairport in the middle of the photo where Jacqui took me for my birthday acrobatic flight NTA_2290sonnyphotosdescending NTA_2293sonnyphotosSydney in the clouds NTA_2296sonnyphotosBotany Bay and cronulla NTA_2302sonnyphotosbeach in sydney south national park I been wanting to go to for a while now ( one day ) NTA_2311sonnyphotosport hacking NTA_2322sonnyphotossand mining at Kurnell just before landing

March 14, 2013

Helsinki > Singapore

PAR_9743SonnyPhotosNorth Reef Island, off Smith Island, which is part of the chain of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and I'm now curious if this is a potential surf destination PAR_9748SonnyPhotosSo about 7 hours into flight from Helsinki, only taking photos now, as, well, everyone was sleeping all window shades were down, and even when I opened mine by about a centimeter it was like a big floodlight filling the cabin, so I was trying hard to be courteous to other passengers, but I could not hold out any longer when I saw tropical clouds forming over Islands PAR_9752SonnyPhotos

love this





PAR_9812SonnyPhotosKo Racha Yai Island to the left and the southern tip of Phuket PAR_9818SonnyPhotosKo Ra Wi & Ko A Dang PAR_9829SonnyPhotoslooks like snorkelling paradise and can already see all the lobster backs ( as in englsih tourist fried red from sun :-)

PAR_9834SonnyPhotosPenang PAR_9838SonnyPhotosLongest bridge in south east Asia, the second Penang bridge PAR_9842SonnyPhotosKuala Kurau PAR_9849SonnyPhotosKuala Sangga PAR_9853SonnyPhotosKuala Terong PAR_9855SonnyPhotosBagan Panchor PAR_9858SonnyPhotosLumut with the Island Pangkor PAR_9871SonnyPhotosBagan Datoh PAR_9877SonnyPhotosSungai Ayer Tawar PAR_9878SonnyPhotosmore farmland visible now at Bagan Sungai Besar PAR_9884SonnyPhotospretty, love me some tropical clouds seen from above PAR_9892SonnyPhotosnot the only ones up in the sky here, can you spot the plane PAR_9895SonnyPhotos

PAR_9898SonnyPhotospossibly heading to sungai Pakning Benkalis airport after it does a banking turn PAR_9907SonnyPhotoswe are preparing to land as well, heading down in between the clouds PAR_9909SonnyPhotoslove it PAR_9918SonnyPhotosafter some grey soup pop out near Se kupang- Batam PAR_9929SonnyPhotosso guess which airport PAR_9931SonnyPhotosmassive gold course, about5 more parts to it from what you see here, and did not see anyone playing golf PAR_9933SonnyPhotoslanded, but can't see my next ride yet ( its a Qantas A380 ) should be parked soon next to the 747 PAR_9936SonnyPhotosfast forward 8 hours now, about 40min out of Sydney PAR_9938SonnyPhotossuburban lights PAR_9939SonnyPhotoshighway down to Wollongong PAR_9942SonnyPhotosflight path PAR_9943SonnyPhotosbotany bay PAR_9948SonnyPhotos
landed, yeay, home after 2 months away

February 17, 2013

Meanwhile, back in Sydney

Jacqui has been bloggin up a storm as of late. what with all those personalised portrait shoots she's doing

and then coming along to my productions to be my behind the scenes photographer :-) Jacqui 01here she shoots model Sophie between my legs. Jacqui 02beauty and the beast alright.  This was done back in November for another Wish shoot I did, this time down in Goulburn. Jacqui has the full report here ( click ) with plenty of photos. Jacqui 03Jacqui's new love :-)

February 07, 2013

I thought I'd never find this again, yeay for internet

See if you can spot me :-)

hahaha, had so much doing this on the day. It was the cat from the Australian Olympic team, so was an awesome day sailing. and got paid for it, but damn it, now that I remember, I reckon I got ripped off, 450 bucks minus agency fees hahaha.

January 11, 2013


HMEL1768Sonnyphotostake off HMEL1775Sonnyphotoscloudy day over sydney after that hot scorcher HMEL1777Sonnyphotosam sure a few people down there are enjoying the cloud cover HMEL1779Sonnyphotos
















Last hour(s) in Sydney

IMG_1603sonnyphotospassed out in Qantas lounge IMG_1597sonnyphotoseating my pavlova dessert IMG_1600sonnyphotoswhile the A380 turns up at the gate ( flight ended up being delayed as we had to wait for a plane load of kiwis to arrive -late )