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June 26, 2013

Tommy Hilfiger SurfShack Gone Surfing

TOM_8122sonnyphotosTommySurfShackSo who are these people, why am I in Portugal and why at such a nice hotel TOM_8127sonnyphotosTommySurfShackWell, these folks, have won a competition from Tommy Hilfiger to go on a surf trip to the Maldives, yep, you heard right, the Maldives. So we meet in Portugal so they can have a surf lesson, fun times TOM_8133sonnyphotosTommySurfShackwe'll be keeping you updated via the Tommy Hilfiger Instagram
TOM_8288sonnyphotosSurfShackTommyThe lucky crew after their first surf session

June 25, 2013

Grande Real Villa Italia, Cascais, Portugal

TOM_8114sonnyphotosStaying in the wonderful hotel called Real Villa Italy, called this, as it was the residence of King in Exile , Humberto, from Italy, after Italy voted to become a republic in May 1946 TOM_8115sonnyphotosnow it is a fabulous hotel just across from the sea and a minute stroll to the port of Cascais TOM_8116sonnyphotoslovely

After a day in Belgium is off Again, Brussel > Madrid > Lisbon

TOM_8024sonnyphotosleaving the darkness behind TOM_8029sonnyphotos

TOM_8035sonnyphotosafter an hour of big blanket of cloud, Spain TOM_8036sonnyphotosloving the patterns TOM_8037sonnyphotos

TOM_8041sonnyphotosnearing Madrid TOM_8050sonnyphotosand look, June, summer time, and still snow on mountain tops near Madrid TOM_8052sonnyphotos





TOM_8064sonnyphotosI'm not sure that this is usual for this time of year TOM_8068sonnyphotos30 min at airport and off again, Lisbon bound TOM_8070sonnyphotosflying west TOM_8079sonnyphotosbig nose TOM_8085sonnyphotosspain portugal border TOM_8090sonnyphotosSetubal and Setubal bay, just south of Lisbon TOM_8093sonnyphotos

TOM_8096sonnyphotosLake Albufeira TOM_8098sonnyphotosKite Surfing at Caparica beach TOM_8100sonnyphotoslooks like some fun waves down there TOM_8105sonnyphotosmouth of the mighty Tejo river TOM_8106sonnyphotosPort Of Alges, Lisbon TOM_8108sonnyphotosold aquaduc, wonder if this is roman ? TOM_8109sonnyphotos

TOM_8110sonnyphotosabout to land
Lucky for me, client landed 30 minutes before me from Amsterdam, so we both rode to hotel together.
But must say, there is something about Portugese, they love to play tour guide and give us all the explanation and history, at first it was great, but then it became too trivial especially when we wer trying to have our own conversation lol

June 24, 2013

Helsinki > Brussels

CLD_7997SonnyPhotosan hour later and off again CLD_8000SonnyPhotoswoauw, check that Island out CLD_8001SonnyPhotoslooks more like in the tropics than scandinavia CLD_8004SonnyPhotos

CLD_8007SonnyPhotosDenmark CLD_8009SonnyPhotosOslo CLD_8012SonnyPhotosAlbert Canal , Antwerp CLD_8013SonnyPhotosThe ring around Antwerp CLD_8014SonnyPhotosA12, Kontich CLD_8017SonnyPhotosZengat in the distance CLD_8021SonnyPhotosE19, Rumst

Singapore > Helsinki

CLD_7922SonnyPhotossomewhere over Arabia CLD_7925SonnyPhotos

CLD_7930SonnyPhotosoil fields, with burn off glowing in the landscape CLD_7935SonnyPhotoshere comes the sun  

CLD_7954SonnyPhotosbig lake near Pskov CLD_7961SonnyPhotos

near Pskov CLD_7968SonnyPhotos



CLD_7978SonnyPhotosdescending down to Finland CLD_7982SonnyPhotosand a lot darker looking CLD_7985SonnyPhotosgoing down to darkness, woauw what a change CLD_7989SonnyPhotos

just of Helsinki

Sydney>Singapore part 2


I'm having a ball taking all these photos. Normally this flight departs at 4 ish in the afternoon, but Qantas changed the schedule, so now it is more of an afternoon flight so instead of half the flight being in darkness, all the way to Singapore is in daylight CLD_7776SonnyPhotosTimor sea

CLD_7779SonnyPhotosI have a feeling this is East Timor CLD_7782SonnyPhotosYEs, Timor, and this is near Wini, West of Dili CLD_7786SonnyPhotoslooks very lush down there CLD_7794SonnyPhotospretty cloud over the Savu Basin CLD_7795SonnyPhotos

CLD_7803SonnyPhotosFlores Region, Indonesia CLD_7804SonnyPhotosand looks like surf down there CLD_7809SonnyPhotoslooking across Flores and East Nusa Tenggara, lots of dormant volcanos down there CLD_7813SonnyPhotoswoauw, look at that Isalnd CLD_7814SonnyPhotoslooking at the active Volcano of Pulau Palu CLD_7815SonnyPhotosand this is apparently Pulau Sukun desa Semparong Kabupaten Sikka, with Sukun lake, like to add a visit to this island to my bucket list CLD_7817SonnyPhotos

CLD_7830SonnyPhotoslove those tropical cloud formations CLD_7839SonnyPhotos


CLD_7844SonnyPhotosmucking around with the curves on this shot :-) CLD_7843SonnyPhotos


CLD_7853SonnyPhotosKuala Pembang CLD_7861SonnyPhotos



CLD_7877SonnyPhotosas you can see, I am really enjoying this flight with all these wonderful sights to photograph CLD_7892SonnyPhotos

CLD_7895SonnyPhotosawesome colours CLD_7909SonnyPhotosBintan beach off Singapore CLD_7912SonnyPhotoslanding on sunset, perfect timing CLD_7914SonnyPhotosSingapore Strait CLD_7911SonnyPhotoshow I keep tabs of where I am when I take the photos ( and google earth )

June 23, 2013


CLD_7617SonnyPhotostaxing Sydney runway, with Sydney CBD in the background CLD_7618SonnyPhotosand off we go CLD_7621SonnyPhotos
busting through the greyness CLD_7635SonnyPhotosjust beyond the blue mountains it clears CLD_7637SonnyPhotosand it clears more CLD_7640SonnyPhotosonce more in the outback CLD_7641SonnyPhotosloving all the shapes in the landscape CLD_7650SonnyPhotos



CLD_7659SonnyPhotoslooks awesome CLD_7661SonnyPhotos

CLD_7664SonnyPhotoslooks amazing CLD_7667SonnyPhotos

CLD_7668SonnyPhotosthere's water down there, Rifle Creek Dam, near Mt. IsaCLD_7674SonnyPhotoshmmm, salt works in the north queensland outback ( possibly Northern Territory ) found it, just not in view is the town of Mt. Isa CLD_7678SonnyPhotoscould not find anything on salt works in Mt. Isa, but it sure looks like salt doesn't it CLD_7685SonnyPhotosrossing into Nt Territory CLD_7695SonnyPhotos

CLD_7708SonnyPhotosgetting tropical CLD_7713SonnyPhotosthat'd be Darwin River Dam CLD_7715SonnyPhotos



CLD_7728SonnyPhotosand then we have Darwin CLD_7739SonnyPhotosbrings back memories from when I was here in 2006 CLD_7746SonnyPhotos
to the west, north west of Darwin, just nature , no cities, or cosmopolitan landscape like you have at other capitals, just bush ( and crocs, lots of crocs ) CLD_7750SonnyPhotosleaving Australia coastline behind CLD_7759SonnyPhotosinternational waters

June 16, 2013

Off to Melbourne

DSCF1181sonnyphotoson a pre dawn flight from Sydney to Melbourne DSCF1182sonnyphotosI'm doing a little presentation for the fashion students of RMIT, and then a shoot for Melbourne label SiX DSCF1183sonnyphotos

looking pretty grey today in melbourne DSCF1189sonnyphotos

Good use of old trucks in Bilpin

DSCF1169sonnyphotosturn into a shop sign DSCF1170sonnyphotos



DSCF1176sonnyphotosold logger truck DSCF1178sonnyphotos

Mt. Banks Look out Blue Mountains

DSCF1162sonnyphotosstill very misty up in the mountains today

will have to bring the girls here one day for a bush walk DSCF1163sonnyphotoshow's that rock shape