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Fashion photographer trying to give you a glimpse behind the scene


Born in Europe but raised on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Lucky me. Had my first camera when I was about 7 , and really got into it more when I started school, taking pictures of friends , excursions etc...After school I went to college to further my photographic skills, but I only lasted about 3months, as I felt I wasn't learning anything , so I packed my bags and went to the snowy mountains with my best friend, Craig.
From there I got into Sports photography, doing a lot of free style ski-ing photos, doing covers for the Australian ski magazines, and quickly got picked up to do the shootings for QUIKSILVER.
Back in Sydney I started documenting the night life scene, which lasted a good 10 years and also put me more in touch with the fashion world.
At the time I approached fashion photography from a different angle than most photographers, I , looking back now, feel that I put a lot more energy, colour and life into my photos, where as the standard at the time was a lot of studio shoots, with very static poses, I would be outside on location and having the models move, lifestyle photography someone called it once. It wasn't till a good friend of mine, model Libby McGinley, somewhere around 1998,mentioned to me that my pictures reminded her of Elaine Constantine, I had not heard of this photographer, but Libby, having travelled the globe modelling did, so I had a look at her work, and I did see the similarities.It's around this time I decided to leave Australia, I travelled around the world twice , and decided to set up a base in Europe, from where I can still get some travelling done, but I always return to Sydney for the x-mas break.
Now that you know a bit more about me have a look at the blog, my albums, and then leave me a comment.
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Lovesurfingtheoceanwaves!!!, Friends, good music, nature, clean air, good stylists, great make up, even better location, models that don' nag