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June 30, 2005

Location hunting

Ursel castle
Ursel castle

Location hunting today for a shoot the week after next I am looking for a castle not a +/- 14th century castle , more 18th 19th C and has to be a little run down , with a glass house attached to it as well . Not easy , this is not it , its too nice for this shoot . Only have today to look as tomorrow I go to Belfort , where the Eurockéenes festival will be. Three days of pure fun, music and loooots of people. So keep checking in for some live coverage. ( Anina, let's hope the phone doesn't let me down in the french country side )


Da boyz
Da boyz

This is where I spend my hard earned cash at KJP photo shop in Antwerp.

I just purchased another external hard drive. A more portable one, it's only 40Gigabyte, but it doesn't need power, it uses power from the laptop via the usb, yippeee one less lead.

June 29, 2005

Blast from the past

Stephanie Wenkin
Stephanie Wenkin

Its always nice to see friends from before . At first I did not recognise Stephanie , modeling work slowed down a little for her last year but things are picking up again for her . Like they should , she is a great model with a good attitude to life . we like her but she ate my cake


I have not net this model before , I like her look and hope to have in front of my camera soon ! !

Hey Joseph


At the casting there was a girl from Prague. Barbora , she spend sometime in Sydney and wants to say hi to Joseph. Hi joseph,i hope u are fine,its funny how the world is small, i miss u and sydney,kiss!


At Dominique
At Dominique

Have not seen Jennifer for a long time , about 3 years ago we did a advertising shoot together . Here she shows me a picture she just did in paris with Ellen von Unwerth

watching me.. watching you..

Who sang that  ?

now here's an interesting mail from Marc, Anita's partner

" check out That's me, checkin out saskia, checking your blog... How far can we go like this moi-te ? "

< IMG SRC=""WIDTH="300" >

but then Anita got in the action

"That's me, checking out M-.-n, checking out Saskia checking out your blog

not to be outdone elemmaciltur he  posts me

"Just to keep with the spirit, check this out:That's me checking out Anita who's checking out M-.-n who's checking out Saskia who's checking out your blog. *LOL* "

June 28, 2005


Saskia , from Puresang is checking out my blog , she likes it

June 27, 2005



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Beauty editor


Now Judith and I are going through the selection of shots , but this computer does not have a picture viewing programme so after 10min we give up & Judith will do it tonight on her 'puter