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126 posts from July 2005

July 31, 2005

Kerel is asleep

So we just finished a nice dinner that Freddy & Aglaia made, Kerel , their son is upstairs asleep, and Wouter and Manami came to town for a visit from Paris, are cups are waiting and ready, our stomachs are satisfied


but we need something else


so Freddy is in the kitchen making coffee ,because Wouter and Manami brought some cake

Damn, that went so quick , I didn't even get the chance to take a picture of it

now, movie time


Freddy loves short movies, so tonight we are se-ing a few from around 1982 from some west Berlin underground collaboration, and after that a French/Belgium animation film called "les Triplet De Belleville" which I enjoyed.

Here we are sitting in the cinema couch, Freddy has a big screen and a projector set-up, nice to watch a movie .

July 30, 2005



Not much going on today, I am working on 30 odd backstage shots from the Paris shows, for BIBA magazines October issue, I'm using photo shop, the latest version 9, but with my lack of RAM on the computer it is a very slow process, the new photoshop requires more RAM, so will go and buy some today.I'm just doing some colour corrections here, as the files of Digital tend to be a bit flat.

I'm invited to a BBQ from Protest clothing, but it is a bit of drive from here out at Lommel, and at  7pm have to go visit Danny to get some software for my dad's computer, so if I go to the BBQ I just won't make it to Danny's, I need that software and Danny goes on holidays on Sunday early.

Wish I was in L.A. with Anina



If you're keeping up the list of Bush scams, then you will appreciate this, and like myself, be even more disgusted

July 29, 2005

it's the oil stupid

If you want to know, then you read

July 28, 2005

Call me

Too funny . We are outside as it is to hot inside and in the shop window next door is a sign where it says the guy is looking for photo models . . . . Anina . . .? LOL

The performance

video thumbnail

Starts with Marc having a swig of his beer and then we see the guys in action with,in the center, Andrew Sharpley

Media Ruimte

Ok we finished the pavlova and am now in the cellar of a building in brussel somewhere watching a performance of .. . . hmmm I think I'll do a video instead of trying to describe it


Girls love dessert

Skip the subject

Just had a great dinner so now we are taking pictures of each other . Vanessa has one of those limited edition fashion nokia phones


Dinner is served and I know whats for dessert