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September 30, 2005


was a quick shoot today, we will more than likely do a collage with the photos and run it over two pages or so, we'll see. Now run off to KJP camera shop, to buy a new camera bag, as the old one is too small.


if looks could kill :-) , but seriously, she is a sweetheart, she just look sthat way ( Jane Mac had the same thing )

Hair change

Well if you like red dresses, this is a good one. Delphine takes a seat while Caroline changes the hair


Those deep eyes, high cheekbones flaring nostrils and big lips. Excuse me for thinking that this girl could be a star. She reminds me of a succesfull model from sydney called Jane Mac. Wow, there's a name that hasn't crossed my lips for a while. Anyway, Delphine looks great, and happy to be working with her today !

Pulp a

Doing another shoot for pulp today, here's Caroline doing the make -up on a new girl called Delphine. she is with Models office, and I never met her before, and it looks to be promising


Now from Anne's its just a short walk to Wouter's to drop off some pictures I did for him, some product shots. It used to be that you would go see clients/art directors with proofsheets in hand, now it's just a portable hard drive and a CD with software so they can "read" my pictures on their computer

Anne Van

Just checked out the studios and now am with Anne, she used to run a photo agency and I was one of her photographers. she just asked if she could have my portfolio as she is see-ing some art buyers and Art directors the next few days, and she would like to present my book. So that's great. Always good to have my book going around for people to see. Anne just checked out my blog, and she is writing down her url from her , as she calls it, sunday blog. I'll check it later. But she loves the blog . Anne, look at that ashtray of yours, still not given up smoking :-)



that's a darkened studio downstairs, and am standing in a big studio looking into the daylight studio from the previous photo. I really can see myself working in here, nice clean canvasses for me to paint on so to speak


I'm liking this already, sun's a bit lower this time of the year, but this is really nice, and big, there's two more studios as well


on my way now to check out a daylight studio