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268 posts from October 2005

October 31, 2005

Australia's patriot act

I have not been keeping up so much with news back home, but this doesn't sound too good. Here some Doctors protest at Kirribilli house, kirribilli house is the Sydney residence for the Prime Minister

October 29, 2005


I'm out with Delphine for a private little birthday party for Belgium DJ Cossy Mossy, at the cigar bar downstairs from the BelgaQueen restaurant. I actually did a shoot in here about two years ago, it's a nicely done up place , it used to be the bank vault, so you still have all the little safe deposit boxes around the room walls. And the barman is top notch, knows his stuff , super friendly and makes a good Vodka gimlet

met this nice girl

she did not speak any english, I think her friend told me her name was jennifer. She stood out in the crowd as she had the most amazing face, really nice facial features,I told Delphine that all I could think was that I want to photograph her, her skin was immaculate, so I know make up artist would love her too.I got her friend to translate for me that I would love to some beauty pictures. Turns out she used to be a model when she was 17 , was with dominiques agency, and after a stint in Milan she quit, she still looks amazing, and now she does theatre make up and doing some photography as. So stay tuned to see if she makes in front of my lens

gettin' busy

now that's a bar

don't ask

at the time, it looked like a good shot, but the light is too subdued


Been here for a while now, and the smoke is starting to get to me, as it is an old bank vault , there does not seem to be too much air circulation going on, and my eyes are starting to sting

the best god damn smoking shot of the night

don't inhale that sucker