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126 posts from November 2005

November 30, 2005

Sonny the pre stylist

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November 29, 2005

Devil's game

Sounds like Robert Dreyfuss ( writes for Rolling Stones ) has just written an esplosive book, that all americans should read, to try and understand why they, as a people , are hated so much in the Islamic world. An interview with Robert. And here an excerpt  "So for these two reasons, because they were anti-communist and because they were anti-nationalist, they became allies of convenience with first the colonial powers, and then later with the United States once the United States inherited primacy in the Middle East after World War II. And so here comes this big dumb giant, the United States, with literally zero background in understanding the Middle East. With no Middle East academic programs at any of its universities including the Ivy League, with no experience in the region. And the United States stumbles into this region as the chief guarantor and protector of Western interests and stability, and so we found ourselves time and time again over the decades in league with political Islam."

November 28, 2005

Party TV

A new segment is out from Anita's nights out in Brussels show


Mon 28/11/2005 08:28 Image018
Thanks to this fire/heater, I am warm, it is so cold outside ( ok ok , all you northerners, I know it's colder where you are, but for me 0 degrees is zero degrees) When I'm not here for a few days, I turn this heater of, and then this room turns into a fridge it's that cold, but withing 30min the room is a pleasant 24 degrees     :-)

November 27, 2005

A quick update

on the current political situation in Washington


Anina is visiting so we can do some configurations on the phone. She's pretty tired and is crashed out here while my grandfather looks on


783_c2005sonnyphotos582 hard to tell , but this is a pheasant that lives in and around the garden. This time of the year they are a priced delicassy, and they get shot by hunters, but this one doesn't have to worry about, although you canhear gunshots in the distance every now and then , but not here. This is what they look like if photographed properly ( as opposed to zoomed in with phone camera)



781_c2005sonnyphotos580 it snowed last night, first snow, and very early for this time of the year. Caused a lot of traffic chaos in Holland last night, people trapped in their cars for hours on highways, as traffic was just not moving, fun, not. I doubt it will stay on the ground for long here, but in the mountains ....Wow, can imagine what it would be like in Scotland no, where we just were for a shoot, must be a good 50cm of snow there, here in the mountains they're talking about 20-30 cm, again, wow, can you imagine the house where I did that shoot about 2 weeks ago, that will be all covered in snow now, would look cool


Having a drink with Saskia, before Emanuel turns up for a meeting with Yan from Vision magazine in China. Yan saw my photos in Pulp magazine and would like to meet up with me to discuss doing some pictures for vision magazine. but first some nibblies and a drink with Saskia

about to leave

Pb220148_1 these cute christmas reindeer out the front of the hotel reception, so just had to get a photo, Iekline took some pics as well of her pony, she travels everywhere with her little pony , and takes a photo of her pony where ever she goes, and the last person to be photographed with her pony was ozzy osbourne so check out her journal to see the pony story


Pb220149 This is Scott; Scott from Scotland hehehe, He looked after us and set us up in the chalet, plus was a great help when our plane was cancelled and Iekeline was already in Glasgow, he organised to get her to the Chalet, thanks Scott. He's holding a bottle of Aussie red I gave him as a little thank you.( if you look close enough you can see Iekeline holding her pony )