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129 posts from January 2006

January 30, 2006

Drive by scenery


A quick snap off the Sydney Harbour bridge and the opera house as seen through the car window while racing along the cahill expressway

January 29, 2006

The girls


Oh , the sleeping beauties are awake now, look at them go. back at the house, ready for that Champagne

Jewel in the jungle


The very pretty Hibiscus, and this one in particular is so colourfull, models and flowers....

Spray, but it didn't come for the video

We're doing this photo of Yvette, when the waves hits the rocks and just creates this huge spray that just totally covers her, but just beforeit does I snap of a few shots, and it looks amazing !!!

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Yvette Wheeler



We're heading backto the car now, climbing up the track agzain, and then a last little look back at the ocean, it's not showing on Yvette, but it is so hot, sweat is just trickling down my face... but ..; there is bottle of Cava in the fridge at home



Finished, and you should know by now,  that I always love to get that final shot with the model, self portrait style.



Second last shot



I'm stoked to finally get some shots of Yvette, she's living in London now, and back here, like me, for summer

ok, off to the next shot



Ok, what does this remind you off ? It was so hot, an,d the ocean is right there, but I couldn't go in, don't have my swimmers, and don't like to get wet when I have to work with my camera, so the bamboo I'm going to use in the shots as well

First shot of Yvette Wheeler


I went on a bit of a mission late last night with Jacqui to get this big banana leaf for the picture, couldn't really go into someones front yard in the day and cut down one big leaf, so I went commando style mlast night, and after one bottle of champagne was quite funny, but I needed that leaf for this shot