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March 16, 2006

Tiyani, Tiani, Tiany

So many ways to spell her name, but she is just one person (now that sounds stupid) Tiany is pretty cool girl/personality. She introduced herself to me a few years ago, when she was the fashion reporter for one of the Belgium music TV stations, her career has blossomed in the years following that little meeting, and she always has been a big fan of my work. Hoping that one day she would be in front of my lens, so the day has finally come, although not in the context we envisioned in the past. We saw it more as a shoot on location somewhere, today we are in the PULP store, to shoot a fashion pic of Tiany in conjunction with the 5th birthday of TMF ( the music TV station she works for)


Just arrived, and Caroline chats with what make she will do today, and I suggest to make her hair a bit more glam


And Caroline knows what I mean , Caroline is pretty quick today, well, not to say that she is slow or anything


First shot BLING BLING , and check the horse in the shop. It is made by a Dutch student


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