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May 25, 2006

After meeting


After sitting down and going through all the shots with Jason, I treted myself to a little treat


Probably doesn't look to exciting in this picture, but it was delicious


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well, would it be called PAUL on rue Montergui ( I think we both got the spelling wrong )
Interseting what you wrote about DaVinci Code, I guessI should have known better to not trust what the media says, I was straight away swayed by thinking it would be a crap movie, because I can't stand Tom Hanks, and would have preferred an actor with depth, an actor who you could believe is an academic with years spent in books, now Tom Hanks, mister BIG, would be hard to swallow, but I shall go see it

OMG - In my many trips to Paris - I was on hunt for the BEST CROISSANT in PARIS......hands down - PAUL - came out number one on each trip - I cannot explain it. There was one play place on Rue Montugie, can't remember the name right now!

yes, and from a real french bakery

looks disgusting, right, but so lekker!! an ├ęclair!yum

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