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May 31, 2006

No Photo

No pics to go with this post, it's all too depressing. Most of Europe seems to be trapped in this on going winter. Southern parts of Germany were snowed under yesterday, and it is practically the middle of the year, which normally means temperatures hovering around the mid 20's. Today it was a max. of 13°C, in other words Brrrrrrrr. Spring is nearly over, but no one saw it, let's hope summer makes up for it. Was supposed to do a shoot tomorrow, but it is, again, forecast for cloudy day with patches of rain ( as opposed to patches of sun )So what have I been doing, well, compared to my last 2weeks getting up at 6-7 in the mornig to go for a swim , I instead have been getting up at 7 in the morning and going straight back to bed again. You look outside , and it looks , feels like the weeks leading up to X-mas, eternal winter. Ok, on the positive side, the big difference between here and Dubai, is the birds, so many sounds of birds I hear everyday, as opposed to the soft hum of airconditioning units. It's nice to hear all these birds. OK here's hoping this week end brings some sun. :-)

May 29, 2006




Now sit in Airport and wait for connecting flight to Brussel for 4 hours, Yawn



That'd be the Dutch coastline, somewhere near Rotterdam/DenHaag

You are now entering Germany


And with the Canon I actually got to take a shot of Berlin, the clouds parted, and there was Berlin

Somewhere over Georgia


Georgia, as in Baltic state, not US state


fluffy little clouds



And I ran , I ran so far away, was actually playing on the radio as we flew over Iran, only flocking seagulling you. Aaaniwaay, flying over Iran, and looks amazing, no wonder they lots of earthquakes, these mountain regions are something to see


and these are low lying regions, I took lots of pics with my Canon, and even got a pic of snow covered mountains as well, which I thought strange for this time of the year, and so close ( over 1 hour flying from Dubai) to the 40 degree heat I been experiencing

Nose camera

video thumbnailsonnyphotos

I love how on Emirates airplanes ( please take note BA & Qantas ) how they have two cameras mounted on their plane, one looking forward, and one down. So as you take off/land, you have cockpit view, it's awesome

Airport early bird


so most of my day will be spent on an airplane seat. See you in Europe

May 27, 2006

After my shave


I figure might as well get my feet done, after all that walking, and then all that walking on those shells on the beach. It was afull on treatment, soaking , washing, then scraping, scrubbing, then salt mineral rub, now this and exfoliotar, after this she washed then dipped my feet in warm wax, then rested the feet with layer of wax in a little heater, then oils and finally the actual pedicure and finish off with a massage, one word.... NICE

Close shave


I just love the concentration on Hassan's face, and this really is the best shave, I'm just feeling my face again now, haven't had such a good close shave in a long time