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June 29, 2006


Is looking like a volcano tonight, all day I could be forgiven for thinking I was in Cape town with the clouds cascading down one side of the mountain as the cold sea air came across from one side of the mountain, and now.... it looks like it could be one of those volcanoes in Indonesia


June 28, 2006

What is Energy

Erik Curren explains in an article here

Surf rage

Good article in the Bulletin from John Birmingham about surf rage on Sydney´s metro beaches, I had a little chuckle reading it

June 27, 2006

Bush Goes After the New York Times

Or rather, Bush states what Cheney wants, Matthew Rothschild writes.

Birthday lunch



one picture, taken at the same time, aaah , technology

Hey Kenny, you´re missing out on the champagne !!!


Three of me in da pool

Image110 Image111 Image113

need the extra shots of me to cool down,was that hot, and look at me now, feel so much better and refreshed

Ah yes, ain´t that fresh


All for myself, pool with a view

Exhausting & Hot


Bloody sweaty , hot and exhausted, bene digging all morning in the backyard to make an extra garden bed for Leen, no problem you say, just dig. Yeah well the problem here is that the backyards are 75% rocks. So it is hard yakka, and I´m puffed, here´s a pic Leen took as I was digging

Sonnyphotos55 Sonnyphotos57

and then one me showing off the rock I just dug out


but now time for a swim

June 26, 2006



My mum turns 60 today, this is here last birthday :-)

Australia just got ripped off !


Or, how to ruin your afternoon = go down the pub and watch Australia´s chance to progress to the next stage in world cup, scuttled by a stupid referee.Look at that sheer intensity on my face watching the game. Anyone that can prove to me that that what a legitimate foul and warrented a penalty shot, please do so, because the way I see it was the Italian player stumbling over an Australian, I really want you to see this in slow motion re-play ( anyone out there know where I can get his btw) It was about 10 seconds before going into extra time, I swear, the referee must be see-ing this now, and saying to himself "Ooops" I so wanted Oz to whip the Italians, especially after their national newspapers this morning carried the headline " Australia to beat Italy, not possible, it would be a joke" Well they nearly did, in Itlay´s defense though, Australia should have capitalised earlier on the Italians being a man down. I was the only Oz in this cafe, and an Englishman afterwards said to me  " oh well, you won the cricket, you can´t win everything " he smiled , then added " but that was an unfair call, should have goen to extra time" chapeau