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June 14, 2006

Tommy H unplugged


or ... UPR un plugged


So anyway, another night , another event. This time the girls ( and Christian ofcourse) from UPR invited me to a music event put on by Tommy Hilfiger, and it was in a nightclub, but they put a lot of beanbags around the place, so it was more lounging , kick back atmosphere, and being closer to the musicians. Was a good gig,some of songs were very funky, and then I though there were too many bean bags, as the music was danceable , but nowhere to dance. You know the drill, the band plays an upbeat funky song, which they've probably played to crowds many times before , so they get in their routine of " come on everybody, jump jump jump" errrmm , they're all sitting in beanbags guys ! Some people just starting waving their hands and punching the air instead.


Best part for me was DJ Grazz(hoppa) mixing it on the wheels of steel with the full band ( I'm sure he was loving it as well) The bland some really tight funky beats, and Grazz just added that other level with his beatsampling and scrathing, very cool


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