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133 posts from October 2006

October 31, 2006

Time fillers

Things to see on the web if you have 5min, governement signs, save a kitten vote democrat, frustrated ? then pop the bubble wrap , still bored, look into our future, a small glimpse into a timeline of epic scale , ok that was a bit heavy, so why not now , make your own movie ( be sure to email me a copy of your creation ) So , now time out for some percussion, I just loved this, well worth 5 min of my time, it's called Drum Machine by Tokyoplastic check it out, now back to some serious stuff , a site called youwanttoknnow , after that, if your boss/partner/friend/pet hasn't told you yet to stop wasting your time on the computer, then let meknow and I'll send you a few more time fillers

October 29, 2006

Next Journey


Travellin' around the world, only just got back from NewYork yesterday it seems, and already am planning my next trip,
First stop




October 28, 2006

Stephan Parmentier


At Stephan's place with Freddy , picking him up to go to Caroline's place for her birthday party, cute camera now get changed so we can go


While he gets changed I have a little look around his apartment, he's done it up nice


It's also acting as his sound studio, Stephan is one half of the group Plastic Budhas ( a name Aglaia came up with btw) and now he's doing more producing work


One of his influences, moon safari and 10 000Mhz

A nice evening for a drink


I'm catching up with my friend AnneMaree, who I did the photoshoot with a few months back, we meet in antwerp for a drink, with another friend of hers, the one drinks turns into dinner and lots more drinks, and meeting some crazy people from in the cafe who just came to join us at our table


Great bar


Things you take pictures of when drunk, the bar


AnneMaree as she blows a kiss to the camera


AnneMaree as she dances on her own in the cafe while they play the white horse,mind you , this is after closing time and we are the only ones left


Saying bye outside.

I didn't get a photo of this one person I met today, very intersting, she was very drunk , so wasn't making a lot of sense and was a bit aggresive ( as you do when you are drunk ) but she gave m ea cd of her music, she's from Lyon , France, living in antwerp and is classical pianist, I listened to her CD and she's pretty amazing, Claire Chevalier is her name, and in the classical piano world she's well known



I'm at Frederick's place, haven't seen him in a few months now, he's pretty busy working on job for Wouter, so doesn't have much time. I brought him some walnuts from the garden which Fre is crazy about, we chat and exchange some DVD's. But tell me which photo do you prefer, the top one with phonecam and phone flash,or the botom one with the phonecam flash turned off

Bye to the mountains


Been driving now for just over an hour or so and as I look into my rear vision mirror, I say bye to those mountains


d'Love to take some photos as we leave


But I'm driving , so I got Ann to take some photos with my camera of the sceery as we leave the winding road down the mountain


Time to go


Time to leave


had a great time here


so pretty, fantastic locations


all those mountains, and little villages with these fantastci traditional wooden houses and barns


And the autumn colours were just specatacular

October 22, 2006



Just the 3 of us left now



He's been our waiter /barman for the past week . Very professional , and I just ordered some champagne for my team to celebrate a job well done. he's such a pro with opening the bottle and last night making cocktails. Good on you Thomas and keep it up :-)