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November 24, 2006

Behind the scenes

The big boss on the ladder, keeping an eagle's eye on it all and ruling with iron fist and a pointed spear, well , that's what we will let her superiors believe if it makes her look better to them , because Charlotte is nothing like that, she's more of a team player, checking with everyone that things are ok, and she had such a wonderfull personality that it makes it a joy to work for her

Lotta ( short for Charlotta ) is in charge of the fashion room back at the magazine office, so she's like Charlotte's assistant, and next to her is Brooke, who is doing work experience at the magazine , and she's having the best week

Nadine, the make up artist takes a seat to keep a watchfull eye on the models in case they need any touching up, and behind her we see Judith , who's property we areon. Thanks Judy

Another one of the boss, only cause it is funny to us


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