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November 27, 2006

No rice for golf

Just doesn't make sense, bloody bastards, can already see some cigar munching general in some smoke filled room saying " oh, and we need to put in a golf course as well, so I can practise my golf when I pass through " Read this from Cindy Sheehan

November 24, 2006


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The scene

The scene we are shooting now , without the band as they had to go ,
So last shot for the day, Danika the cool cat and Hannah the studious cat, she's at college ( or was it Uni ? ) studying photography

Behind the scenes

The big boss on the ladder, keeping an eagle's eye on it all and ruling with iron fist and a pointed spear, well , that's what we will let her superiors believe if it makes her look better to them , because Charlotte is nothing like that, she's more of a team player, checking with everyone that things are ok, and she had such a wonderfull personality that it makes it a joy to work for her

Lotta ( short for Charlotta ) is in charge of the fashion room back at the magazine office, so she's like Charlotte's assistant, and next to her is Brooke, who is doing work experience at the magazine , and she's having the best week

Nadine, the make up artist takes a seat to keep a watchfull eye on the models in case they need any touching up, and behind her we see Judith , who's property we areon. Thanks Judy

Another one of the boss, only cause it is funny to us

November 23, 2006


Spot the photographer, oh, and ignore Nadine's finger

Why all the black, well first, the black is over me , so I can see the display monitor on the back of the camera in this bright light, and second, when Danika has a pair of sunglasses on , there's too much of me in my white t-shirt in the reflection, so I blacked myself out

Nice stage

This is why Charlotte, Dan and I , got up so early this morning, to put together this little mock stage for the band and models, now you see them.....

Now you don't .
That was the last shot with the Dappled Cities , as they have a gig in Newcastle tonight, and needed to leave to go set up

A good Assistant

A lot of times I get the question asked of , what makes a good photographer. Well there's many factors involved in that, but one of the main things on a shoot with lots of different things going on , or a lot of people in the shots, then what makes a good photographer is having a good assistant, young Danile Young whitford is legend in that department, wish I'd have mega clients on my journeys around the globe , so I can afford to employ Dan to be my assistant on all my jobs. Here he's helped set up the light, so Hannah will look her best in this difficult , harsh, Aussie mid day sun

Dappled Cities


So stoked , we got this great Sydney band to be a part of the shoot , just did first so girls are getting changed now

And here's Danika in her second outfit, David, guitarist approves of look No2

Make up

Nadine Monley has arrived as well with the models Hannah and Danika, H & D are with Vivien's model agency and Nadine is with Names agency

Looking very cute, Hannah from the sunshine coast, while Danika waits in the background to get her make up done


November 22, 2006



Lotta has turned up, she's Charlotte's assistant , so all the styling is layed out