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November 27, 2006

No rice for golf

Just doesn't make sense, bloody bastards, can already see some cigar munching general in some smoke filled room saying " oh, and we need to put in a golf course as well, so I can practise my golf when I pass through " Read this from Cindy Sheehan


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The current white house administration is much bigger than just one bad apple, add all the current CEO's and corporate fraud, the swindling of tax payers money, the Valerie Plame case, the Jack Abrahamhoff rorts etc etc... so the only people that are currently doing any good, are individuals , doing things of their own bat , besides that, it's more like friggin crate of bad apples

i agree with what the author is saying as what they are doing is wrong but at the same time i think that "just because theres one bad apple doesn't mean the rest in the barrel are bad" and believe me when i say the u.s.a does do good too....

ofcourse,but surely they could find a spot where they would not affect as many local villagers, and a golf course, what does that have to do with keeping an eye on the north, plus the heavy handed tactics ?

probably more behind it like checking on North Korea;

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