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95 posts from December 2006

December 14, 2006

Passing a little rock Island

Coco hangin on

Passing a little rocky outcrop

But we are not going to stop here as we want to go to a little deserted beach

Like this one

Off the boat we go , and the beach all to ourselves to have a little lunch

And the boat we can just leave meters off the beach

Boat ride

Tropical clouds already building up for the afternoon storms that seem to happen this time of the year on a daily basis

Coco , even though she is the big water girl, doesn't like this boat that much , and does not feel safe in it,  I told her it can't sink, she said she knows, it's more about the shark that can jump up and grab her from the boat that she is worried about


last day , so off on a boat trip


Family snap shots


Under water portrait

My attempt at an underwater self portrait with Coco, just missed me, not a bad photo though for underwater

Droplets, bubbles and spray


I think this was me

Looks pretty cool, I could photoshop it and take out the green, or I could do this

Nice, now who wants a poster of this , framed, to go on their wall ?
Or maybe Amber coul be commisioned to do a painting of it ?

It must be Xmas if I'm startng to think like this

Kenny has a go


The spot

Hope to find something like this in sydney when the surf is flat

more of COCO the water girl

Just can't help myself, especially afteri got these shots from Jacqui, Kenny's flatmate, she has the Olympus waterproof camera, she took these shots of Kenny and Coco, while I was climbing a rock to jump off

I was complaining about Darwin, the lack of water entertainment, as in , it is surrounded by creeks , rivers, lakes and beaches, all filled with deadly creatures, they even have the beaches signposted , warning people not to enter the water, as they might not come out alive. So, had it not been for that, i probably would never have driven out to this water hole in the national park, and found this...waterpark, I mean look at the last picture, if you were a kid, this place would beat any waterworld, or waterslide, or some other form off over hyped waterthemed park