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January 30, 2007


This post is dedicated to Roger Laenen, who was always teasing me in Belgium about actually being able to surf.

Jacqui offered to take some pictures of me surfing, cool been wanting some pics of me surfing.
Not the best surf out there, and I wasn't having one of my best surfs, but still, nice for me to see a pic of me doing my favourite thing. This shot , bottom turning to nowhere

Smacking the lip, or better know as a "reo" short for  re-entry, this move usually follows on from a bottom turn

A combination of a backhand re-entry and a cutback, the re entry was pretty small as there was not much power in the lip of the wave, and a cutback , is when you cut back to the foam to get some power back from the curling wave to set up your next turn.

Another forehand re entry, now I'm not getting as much vertical on this wave as I would like for two reasons, I'm not as good as the pros, and the waves were weak in this session

After that last re entry above, big cutback, love doing this turn, big wide turn and then hit that foam ball again that's coming towards me in the left of the picture

And finish off with a little tube, or a little barrel, which is embarrasingly looking more like a head dip. Not like the pros out at Hawaii getting shacked, just no comparison, but i had fun



is defenitly not calling me yet, just cancelled my trip to NYC, I'm addicted to surfing, and I know as soon as I leave it won't be on agaqin for me for a while

Big southerly


Just blew through at lunchtime, as you can see all that chop created by the wind, makes a mess of the waves on the beach, but the good thing is that tomorrow the swell size should have picked up a bit

January 28, 2007

Dinagyang Festival

Friend of mine, Jac Vidgen, is in the Phillipines, and just sent me these photos of the Dinagyang Festival .
This is what he had to say about the festival
"This is one of those festivals which has evolved from a combination
of ancient tribal and also more modern traditions.  The origin of
this style of festival seems to have come from an island nearby
(closer to Boracay) - apparently it was initially about war, but now
involves Saint Nino (pronounced 'ninyo' - the manifestation of the
baby Jesus?) who represents peace...... go figure!  Suffice to say,
lots of people have lots of fun and celebration - there's
dressing-up, drumming, dancing, drinking, plenty of colour and
movement - and seemingly pretty good vibes all around...... oh, and
of course eating!  And, these days, the necessary commercial element
- but no-one seems to mind, and a good time was had by all."

And he included these pics and it does look pretty amazingDscf3545Dscf3554Dscf6055Dscf6042Dscf6048

coincidence ?

When it involves the white house, we know that to be highly unlikely .Two seperate stories that caught my attention Karl Rove being subpoenaed to testify in the CIA/Plame leak case and then Gonzales the Attorney general is firing some of the top federal prosecuters to replace them with conservative loyalists from the Bush administration's inner circle who critics say are unlikely to buck Washington

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Antoine Debouverie

A friend of mine, Antoine, sent me these shots a while back. I met Antoine last summer when we working together on a music festival project, I was shooting stills and he was shooting video. Looks like Antoine has been busy with this latest project. They made a similar one on the desert for the Burning Man festival ( still haven't been there ) where , at the end of the festival , they burnt it down, don't think they will do so here at Miami as well. He tells me they are at Chicago now, doing a similar project . As soon as he sends me shots from there I will post themMiami_sculpture_3Miami_sculpture_4Miami_sculpture_6Miami_sculpture_under_construction

January 27, 2007

Looks like Ted Kennedy just got some balls again

Ted Kennedy, US senator, blasts the republicans as he addresses the president and the speaker on the senate floor, shouting " When does the greed stop " keep it up Ted. I watched the video , and was amazed to find out that the minimum wage in the states hasn't changed in the last 10 years from 5.15US$, and over 230 Billion has been given in tax breaks to big companies

January 26, 2007

Movies in the park


My friend Timmy B, is putting on a surf movie on the big inflatable screen in the park



What a view, again, if the sun was out this would look awesome. If you got a spare 3 million lying around, call me , and it's yours. The view that is, and you haven't seen the view looking the other way yet

she's just a rockin' girl


I can hear At At now , saying , "Biatch", love the graffiti mix with Xanuda, good work girls. Shame the weather let us down.