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119 posts from May 2007

May 30, 2007

No Work

So day 10 , or somewhere around 10 days, in Dubai, and I have not done a job yet, as I sit in the pool I briefly explain

Walk To Pool

A look at the villa I'm staying at as I walk from my bedroom to the swimming pool, and the stash of beer I got at the airport, duty free. Even though alcohol is banned in Dubai, except for the international hotels, I am allowed 3 units of alcohol, a unit being a bottle or case of beer

May 27, 2007

Burj Al Arab Bar

The interior of thebar,well the whole building interior is pretty ...unique...I mean, when we were having our afternoon tea, looking around and up, I was expecting Willy Wonkas oompaloompas to come out any minute in song. But the interior of this bar doesn't do it for me, the clincher is the carpet, oh my, makes it feel it as if I'm at some RSL on the goldcoast...where's the pokie machines

Burj Al Arab View

After tea, we planned to go up to the 27th floor bar to see the sunset, but we left it too late, still nice view.


Glorious Oli suggested that we go the Burj Al Arab for afternoon tea, now we seen lots of pictures from the outside of this building, on the video i blogged a few days back, I took some shots as I was swimming and it looked like the waves were breaking right into it. Anyway, so today is the first time I actually come inside ( you can't just walk in of the street )and in the main foyer we are having afternoon tea, no picture taking was allowed, but they said nothing about video

Dead Fish

Another day another swim, this time we try outthe beach at the "one&only" mirage resort, the pool area was nice , but nothing special about the beach, even found a dead fish floating of the beach

Video with slide show of my afternoon with Saskia

As I still can't blog from here in Dubai, I just made a little video with some pics of us just hanging out in the water, as basically it is too hot to not be in the water, unless you are indoor with air-con


So after a pretty non eventfull past 3-4 days, I remember that Glorious Olivier is living here now, so I send him a message, and it turns out Saskia is in town, so we meet at the beach (ofcourse) and spend about 2-3 hours floating in the sea as it is too hot outof the water

May 22, 2007


This is so funny, as it is so kitsch .I'm at the Emirates mall (BIG)for a little meet and greet with someone. It's early eveni9ng, so it's nice to sit outside as opposed to the airconditioned mall, and then suddenly this thing starts up right next to our table


Short video of what's best to do in 45 degree heat