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June 30, 2007

Models at Artez Arnhem Fashion show

Before going to bed though, I downloaded all my pics form the nights shows to my laptop, then made up the proofsheets to send to Lee in New York, and just had to show you these two models from the shows
Make up artist Pascale Tesser was keen on getting this girl in to see an agent. ( ok, this is not exactly a beauty shot of her, but she's a go'er )
But I was sold on Liza from Groningen, she already has an agent in Rotterdam , max models. And I'm pretty excited about this model, I'm already planning a little test in my head to do with her. Cute top by the way from 4th graduate student , Renee Van Ginkel

Just outside my bedroom window

At the Hotel Molendal

And this is taken with N95, on night setting ofcourse, but still pretty good quality, you can just make out a woman walking on the street. And bear in mind, that I reduced this image to upload on the blog.
Ok, time to go to bed in my awesome old time room

Pics of the Dutch Tub

Don't they just look perfect for in the garden, the beach deck verandah, or the cleared section on the bush block back in Oz ?

The fire suspended on the left is sitting in a coil like basket, and the water is running through those coils though the fire, thus heating up the water


After the show I come across these guys , enjoying a hot tub on nature, such a cool tub, I want one. I think I might come back here tomorrow to get some better pics of this

My picson the wall

This came as a bit of a shock, but I'm backstage at the show,and I notice some of my backstage pictures are used as a mood board/inspiration for the hair and make up. Nice.


I like this one, never ending dropping of the human form, and it looks so life like

Arnhem Biennale

I'm just quickly racing through here, as I want to get to the show

And this looks suspiciously like a Sandra Backlund outfit, but then again, that's because maybe it is

Strange I've seen this show before

Sorry, just have Grace Jones tune in my head, but yeah, outside the Bienalle , but then I'd already seen it

Hotel Molendal

Arrived, and woauw, what an awesome Hotel, just felt like I stepped back about 50 years or more in time.
Jan, from the Arnhem fashion institute has organised this Hotel for me, took me a while to get here, traffic was horrible. I met up with Paul at the www.par31.com agency's new office, sorry forgot to take a picture, and then after that went to see Astrid at Cosmopolitan. We had a little lunch together, and now what seems like 4 hours later I finally arrive in Arnhem. And so nice and calming to walk in this room.So I missed the 1st show, so now race to at least see the last show (PS, first shot with the new 5megapixel N95, looks pretty sharp, I had to reduce the image size to upload on the blog, so you can imagine it will print up fine, now for a waterproof one )

Found the spot, pretty close to Hotel actually. We have to catch a ferry across the Rhine, cool

All aboard !! Fashion ferry to the fashion show

People cue-ing on the other side of the river, they obviously saw the first show

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New Phone !!!!!

Just picked up the new N95 from Nokia Belgium, and am now on the road to Rotterdam, shitty weather, again, and this shot was done with the secondary camera, as opposed to the main 5megapixel camera. ( it has two camera's, one facing you for those all important self portriats-that important that it is lot lower resolution- and the main camera which we will testout in a minute )

Love how you can change the colour setting to negative.I'm going through the menus asI'm driving,not really a wise thing to do while driving, but hey, this is holland, whereas NZ is the land of the long white cloud, Holland is the land of long grey traffic jam

And the suggested speed is 50km, so the flashingsign says, I'd be stoked if I was going 50, just not moving at all