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June 22, 2007

Jarno Kettunen

Remember last week end , the guy doing the sketches backstage at the Antwerp Academy shows

He just e-mailed me a bunch of the sketches he did, I  like them, but these small low res images don't really do it much justice

Remember he has his exhibition starting tomorrow night, so if you are in BXl the next weeks, check it out, I will



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I think thats a great idea also good for both our readers :)
whenever you got time

yes, must put that link up.But you noticed how I haven't really blogged that much lately full stop

Cool, I'll check it out. Wow, that's really handy having a 'LINK'! BTW, they're my new lame pants in the last pic.

yes, if ou go back to the antwerp academy show from last week, in between the pics of the models is a pic of Jarno sketching, and there, I linked him to his website

I was wondering whether you would like them. We still need to do a blog about some of photos of mine that are then transformed into your paintings

They're great. Love em. Is there a website?

very cool

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