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July 31, 2007


Love this building, so I thought ok , why not....one more picture for Diane

David Flamee


I meet up with David at the MoMu to discuss an idea he has to use my photos for an exhibition plus to talk about the up coming Vitrine Parcour that FFI organizes every year in September.
We just finished our meeting, and just had to take a picture of David at the entrance to the Bernhard Wilhelm exhibition, and he just got the matching bag. If you go back a week on the blog here, you can see more pictures of the exhibit, but I strongly recommend you go see it

one sign says it all


Saskia 'sgot new shoes

Saskia has got new shoes, she's pretty stoked with them , so she's happy to show off, hey, she's a girl, girls do that, I finally realise, they go shopping and want to show you, plus she's pretty happy with her wrist band. We meet up for a little chat after I finished with Emmanuel

Blue Sky in Belgium

The BFF is held at tour taxi in Brussel, nice renovated building, but more importantly, the clouds are going ...yippeeee

Love the neck

I was just going through all the pamphlets and paperwork to see who this was from, and I know it was a scandinavian talent, so perhaps it was from the Halla Design scene Scandinavia ( please correct me if I'm wrong ) but anyway, I love the high collar neck, would love to use it for a photoshoot

Kim Stumpf

The halter neck top piece reminds of the two Australian girls I met in Trieste, this one belongs to Kim Stumpf, not sure if she graduated already, but she is(was) at student at la chambre in Brussels.
I'm at the BFF which is a fashion Fair. I was hoping to see lots of interesting things, but basically it is a fair set up for people who own stores and are looking for new stock, so all the major players are here

So it was nice to see some creativity there as well from some students, as the majority of the other brands were, ...well..bland

July 28, 2007


I met Veerle many years ago in Gent one night on the town with Sky.Veerle has since moved to Antwerp and is doing journalistic work, and we been talking about some ideas for a while now, but we never seem to have had the time to met up and talk about it in person, so today we finally get to meet up , and as all Belgiums do, we meet on a terras at a cafe , shame the sun is not out, but I suppose I should be thankfull it isn't raining. Veerle has been doing some writing for magazines and worked on some TV shows as well, and now we are looking at doing something together, stay tuned, and let's hope we can get it up and running


Just love old buildings, I'm on foot from the center to go to Kapitein Zeppos cafe to meet Veerle

Chris Jansens

Big Chris outside her little door,or is the other way around.
Chris is putting on a fashion show next week, so we had a little chat about what else we could do photographically, and a bit about the show and models. We started on the casting last week and nearly have it done, so I leave her now to make all her calls to make sure all the garments arrive on time