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127 posts from August 2007

August 31, 2007

After dinner

Cute building on the opposite corner of the restaurant, just have to do a shoot here one day. Notice the barricade half on the street and footpath, this road leads directly to the big square, and just a bit down this road, the entrance to the square was blocked, as the whole square was full of people, so they weren't letting any more people in

Riding back on the bike, I snap this shot of, what I'm guessing, are people who couldn't get on to the square anymore, there is still a nice ambiance in the air. Oh, pics of the birthday dinner, ooops, forgot, food was too yummy, been ages since I had Thai

Wim & Nadine

I'm on the push bike riding into town, just had a few glasses of champagne at granny's for Wim & Nadine's birthday (granny's children ) so now we are going out for Thai food , yummy, in town. But there is a big street party on in town at the moment, called markt rock, and themain square has a big stageand bands will be playing all night. so that means hard for cars to pass and find parking, so sabine and I opted to ride our bikes instead, and granny can then ride with wim, hilda and nadine.

Sabine is already miles ahead ( ok 2-300metres), she must be hungry. or like riding her bike fast, I'm glad we went by bike, as even with our bikes we were stopped by police as we could not pass certain streets , too many people, so we went through all these little backstreets to get to our restaurant.


From another model agency is here as well, why- I ask, for the fun and free wine, fair enough. I like how none of the bookers tried to poach her, or you know, tell her she shoudl join their agency, thought that was pretty cool, as had it been at the other agency's party, I'm sure they would at least, at least , given Elise their business card. Anyway, bit of a stunner, I think I'll take some pictures of her tomorrow

Vision & New agencies

After shooting some people around Brussel I head of to a little party to celebrate 2 model agencies joining forces

Ruben is there, model scout, looks liek he will start workimg for the new venture

Don't eat carbs, he yells out to the gaggle of models

The new models wall with the Vision addition in pink, so lots of models at this agency now, some one tells me the biggest in Belgium now,not bad

with my new jeans on

Off to Brussel to shoot this lovely girl, Nadia

Then to a little town south of Brussel called Gembloux, or was it Gemboux ?
Little town, with a big church

Diesel Store Antwerp

I wasn't in Belgium at the time of the grand opening, slash party, of the store - I think I was in Dubai at the time, so Laura from the Amsterdam office invited me to come and check it out

Love the stair way, the store is ( obviously ) in an old building, and Iike that the Diesel interior shop fitters maintained a lot of the original character of the old building, it is right on the corner of Nationale & KammenStraat, there was a clothing store here before, but to tell you the truth , I never went in there

And the lead light domed ceiling, nice.
As well as a little guided tour, I got given a new pair of jeans to wear in New York , awesome, pretty stoked , as I just needed a new pair.
I'll get a shot of me wearing it, so you can let me know if you like, and in the pocket of the jeans, there was a little perfume tester, the sexy energetic Elixer (use with caution it says )

So , yeah, new perfume , wonder if it works :-)

August 28, 2007

Real Belgium Farmers

Just on dusk , before I head inside , in the low light ( it was actually a bit darker than in the photo ) I spot 3 characters in the potato field next door, they looked liked they were up to something, so I put my rubber boots on and went out to have a look, just the friendly neighbour, who happens to be a farmer, so you're looking at 3 generations of farmer, granddad, son and father.They were just digging up a few of the potatoes in the middle of their field to see how they are looking, I remember 2 years ago, they literally had truckloads of potatoes getting carted of to McCains. they will probably start digging them up in the next few weeks, not quite ready yet they tell me

Back in Belgium

And Anita aka Twistie, pops by my place, we needed to go over some of the photos I took during the making of her video-clip ( apparently I have a small part in it stay tuned )

And just before she left, she was just dying to show someone, anyone, the shoes she just bought, she's absolutely thrilled, and , as she is pointing out, it even has little love hearts on the inside of the boot.
What do you think Mathieu, a good buy ?

Diane in the Attic

After we got to see most of the castle at Harring Slott we finish up in the attic, and it's big, would be great for a party one day,hey Piotr, this could be interesting for you

Hope Showroom Stockholm

A quick look at the showroom from Hope