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August 21, 2007

Real sluts in Stockholm

Next morning, well, more like late morning, actually lunchtime, as I walk the streets to find Jacqui some cheese doodles, I walk past this, caught me by surpises, looks like they're advertising for sluts in Stockholm, but I think it means something like last days, or last stock


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very very funny sonny! see you in nyc!! i arrive 1st sept.

launchy rook ? you gonna hate me !!
I had such a busy last day, had to cancel 2 appointments and only just made it to the airport on time

You didn't answer about where the raunchy look had gone!

Ahlens. About a 10min walk from Berns. They have a huge food section. You could go to any 7/11, but...? Here's a map.
And here's their opening hours
What's that Skip? Sonny's got no excuses now?

still no doodles, I swear

Not surprisingly, I have a photo of Kerstin standing in front of one of these signs. I think she told me at the time it means 'closed'.
Did you find my Doodles??????
And where has that raunchy-animal-hairy face gone???

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