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September 30, 2007


Having dinner at the Thiam-Laenen home, and I told Jenna about the blog post I did a few days ago, so we update the picture

Welcome to Paris

Do love being in Paris, specially when the sun's out, just been in the Louvre to pick up my accreditation, nothing like the debacle in New York, where it took me over an hour, here, in Paris, it took me 5 min, and that's only cause I was chatting with them for 4 minutes

Hmmmmmm, co incidence, or just a sheer fluke

I just straight away though of Hilda, all these "found " objects , and then put together to make like everyday objects, like this chandelier

Also comes in a black version, pretty nifty


Flyscreen for your door way, so cool this, all those bits of broken plastic or discarded plastic bottles, caps and gawd knows what else

Another one, woauw, this person had some time on his hands

A detailed look at that last one, cigarette butts ?

plus tea bags, cigarette packets and roll your own empty tobacco bags,  nothing  goes to waste with this guy, so appropriate for now


but hang on a minute, this we've seen before, Hilda has made a lot of these, and I blogged this back in August 2006, check it out, see the similarities click click click ( as Bryanboy would type ) Freaky (Hilda, yours are nicer )

It's exactly the same principle as Hilda's work

What do you think Hilda ?

It's by an artist called REGIS-R


I asked for more info on the artist , and if they did , perhaps in English but they didn't, they just had the website for the gallery , and on there links to the different artist, but damn it, just got home , and lost that piece of paper with the website, will get it later

JC De Castelbajac


Just drove to Paris ( shows start on Sunday ) as always I rented an apartment, I arrived in Montmartre a bit early to meet the owner of the apartment, so I go to one of my fav cafes, le sancerre, for a coffee, still some time to kill, so I go for a walk, I knew of a Tibet restaurant up the road, thought I 'd check it out , see if it is still there, because Iekelien will be staying with me again, and she is vegetarian, so off I go, yep still there, so might see us in there in the next week or so, but I forgot about the gallery that was there, next door as well, so I go check it out, just so happens to be an exhibition on from Mr Castelbajac, collaborating with Canon, pretty cool how he printed these pictures onto some sort of fabric, made a dress and put some tule over, simple but nice


Then all these print outs, with big black texta messages written all over it, giving it a bit of a mixed media feel, looked like he had fun doing it anyway


That song just came in my head, goes something like "we like to party, we like that disco sound "

4-5 year old brat

Having dinner at Lillian's, and she has this big cupboard in the dining area, filled with photos, lots of Jenna, Maxime and Sydney Junior, but there are also some older b&w ones there as well, like this one, guess who ?


So I could not go past this photo of Sydney Jnr and Jenna, they look so cute, and the funny things is , that beside the obvious changes of 8-10 odd years of growth, there is no change, they look exactly the same, it's in the eyes and the smile

September 29, 2007

David Neirings

Was great to see David last week in Ghent and his installation for "made in Ghent " so he emailed me on tuesday to let me know he was unveiling another commissioned installation he just finished in Holland, Vlissingen

I couldn't make it , so David emailed me some of his pics instead

The moment has arrived for students to ":use it "


In David's own words ; "I made a sculpture for the high school in vlissingen, where they can paint and draw whatever they want on it, i hope that every week there is something new on it !
It was already nice when it was clean but its made to spray on it , do you like it? "

Yeah, love it, would be nice if some one in Vlissingen reads this , and could periodically send me a photo


My discodirt chouffle beer drinking buddy ( sorry Fredcha , you're not the only one )just sent me a track he remixed and then mashed, so if you like that style of music, check out his track ( ermm...that'll be my dad , he reaaally will like it, him and beep lover Jacs ) Pic above was taken at Dour festival, they had this set up with a rooftop built overlooking the festival site,once up there , they give you a set of (bluetooth?) headphones tuned in to a dj that was spinning on the roof top, so you're listening to a trancy techno, kind a cool

This, a shot I took of Marc a while back during an 8-bit music night in Brussel ( hey Jacs, like what it says on the projection )

September 26, 2007

Longing to go back to Oz

Driving along the river to go to the highway, to then go the city

and it is a beautifull sunset, a rare one, as there have not been many this year

So the colours look amazing, but as you can see, in every picture, there are buildings in the way, so I'm looking forward to going back to Oz to see some great sunsets and big open skies

Hilda's homeless kids blanket

Had a meeting out at Heusden Zolder, which is near to Hasselt, so on the way back I popped into Hilda's studio for a quick chat and a coffee, and fresh hazelnuts

She showed me the latest project she's just about finished, it's a project whose exact name and details I forgot, but I'm sure if you go to hilda's blog, she'll have something up about it, but the idea is to raise money and awareness of homeless children, the fact that they come from broken families, and a lot of times this is brought on by alcoholism, so she made a blanket out of cardboard boxes from the different alcohol bottles, clever

(nb ok, Hilda just wrote to me with a link to the project, it's called the nepalese rainbow project )

September 25, 2007

A little lie down

After all that roo, beer, mashed potatoe, marshmellows and nuts, time for a little lie down next to the sunflowers


but not too long, still plenty of nuts to crack , hehehe :-)