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60 posts from October 2007

October 31, 2007

Dark Man

Doing a portrait picture today of Marnick, who is the designer behind the brand Darkman

I met him a while back , when he was still being rep'd by PureSang

And it looks like he has fun creating these lights

Moi, rugged up

Check these out, little mosquito lights

That's pretty unique, and funny

check this out, I can just take it's eyes off

Too funny

Cup of tea anyone

No.I'll have a coffee and give mossie his eyes back

October 30, 2007


What's that in my drive way ? Doing a shoot for a car magazine today, with the brand new VW , comes out in a few weeks, but I get to test drive it today and take photos of it, love the colour, not supposed to show you...yet, as it is not in the market yet, but I just love the colour, so many cars in Belgium are such drab colours

Roger & Lillian

We try to have dinner at least every fortnight sometimes it works sometimes it is every week, but then when I head home to Oz, I won't see them for a while, so I took them out for dinner to a restaurant close by, Ridder de musena, nice restaurant, and with this bizarre sounding South African wine, but damn nice tasting drop

Yummy goats cheese salad in a crispy biscuit dish, and the nuts were soft, like they had been soaked in a honey mixture, but not too sweet

For my main, as it is hunting season, I had pheasant , turns out not to be my cup of tea, I guess I was expecting it to taste more like turkey, it has a more bitter taste

Roger was a happy little camper as he got to have wild rabbit's back. Apparently usually it is an order of min 2 people, but they had a serving of one available tonight. I tried a piece, woauw, also a very strong flavour. Now I'm taking all these pictures for my brother Kenny ofcourse

And this one for my mum, heard of this wine ? was a nice one, like to get it again, and am curious where they sell it, I suppose I could always google Amehlo Ingwe , and see what comes up



October 25, 2007

So tonight I'm at the opening of the old new stadszaal ( or was it called feestzaal ) anyway, pretty impressive building

Nice lighting underneath the raised dining area

But what's with the bog brother esque all see-ing eye on the giant video screen

Surfboards...! Here ? In Antwerp ?

Ok, so it is an opening of a new shopping center in the middle of Antwerp, and one of the shops is a surf shop from O'neill, and not only are there real surfboards there, but they are from an Australian surfer, ok, not too long to go now

Australian shaper, although Gunther does not sound very Australian

Freddie's place

Fredcha invited me over for dinner, he koooked da chiecken ( pronounced swedish chef style from the muppet show) so after dinner we play some backgammon, Fredcha has not really played it before , but he's learning fast. Aglaia watches from a safe, comfortable distance

I just realised as I'm uploading this picture, why didn't we have marshmellows in front of that nice warm fire

October 24, 2007


After all that bike riding I worked up a little thirst, and this being belgium, if there are bike paths, their are cafe's along the route, so I stop in here for a typical beer from Mechelen, Classic Gouden Carolus, a brown beer. Fredcha meets me here for a coffee , he's been playing with his son Kerel in hofstade, while Aglaia has a long sleep in

Cute little quant cafe on the banks of the Dijle


Mechelse Broek

After that great sunrise, I thought I'd take a closer look at this location a short bike ride from the house, nice autumn colours

Nice calm day, but no sun unfortunatly

Put these two together in photoshop to make a nice panoramic shot, it's a nature reserve, so no trespassing, but I 'm already thinking a photoshoot

Again, nice colours, it might be freezing, and grey skies, but if you go out , you can still see some nice spots

Bend in the Dijle

And a castle tucked away in the trees


October 23, 2007

Love Lucy, or lucy love

After all that driving around today, and a flat tyre, I deserve a drink tonight, so lucky for me, there was a new bar opening in Antwerp tonight,LucyLove, on the top floor of an old office building, so all the office walls taken out and turned into one big room with views across the Antwerp sky line, was nice, here me and David

Aglaia ( way before she had one too many )

Aglaia and her man

A Glimmer and his personal photographer

Me and Fredcha, don't know what he was trying to do with his scarf around my neck

Well he put on my hat and put the scarf around me, while I'm just being silly for the camera ( how unusaul )

The bar, with 2 dollar beers ( I know it's Euro, but look, I just call it dollar, we're in Europe, so it's a euro dollar )

Oh , gawd this guy, party animal slash piss head, bordering on obnoxious, met him at Bruno Pieter's party back in June. Obviously lost a tooth since we last met, so I asked him what the (bleep) happened, seemed a touchy subject, and me being one of the few people to actually come out and ask him, as he needed a minute to recompose and then explain to me that " I started a hotel called the dirty sheets, and well, one guest, a woman, complained, because the sheets weren't dirty, and voila " Well 9 out of 10 for that answer and not telling the truth

Here he is with Agalia, he didn't want his picture taken on his own

And then to finish the night, the girl with the most beautifull eyes, coming in at 5 foot nothing, but can pack a punch, damn it, forget her name ( no Jac, she's not trying to whisper something in my ear, more than likely trying to run away from me ) So after a fun night and few , ahem, beers I drive home, and a good thing I came in my own car , and not share a ride with Fred and Aglaia, as otherwise there might have been an extra photo here right about now...   :-)

Damn it

Why did I have to get busted tyre now ( well anytime really ) Just done about 500km travelling through Belgium, doing some different portrait shots in different parts of the country, and now this

That's pretty full on, I was travelling on the main highway at about 120K's an hour, so lucky I didn't cause any major accidents, culprit was a fat nasty looking nail, that started deflating the tyre ( just before it happened I was telling myself that I should check the tyres as the sterring feels it;s pulling to the right a bit) and the more it started deflating the more damage was being done, till bang, too late