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January 31, 2008

Yeah finished

Another look book done for WISH, well this is actually for a new line they are doing called AZUKI, denim division, Todd is expanding, oh and me, yes I'm going for the viking look and it matches the plats in Sarah's hair

Studio set up

Our little set up for the day, and Todd straight back to work , he just got back from Aspen, where he has never seen so many lear jets gathered together at the one airport

Here's Sarah, so I better get back to the camera and shoot

Yolanda Lukowski

Doing make up for us again

Ooops .. not the best shot of Sarah, no she was not sleepy , just bad timing

Sarah Warnaar

And our model for the day, all the way from Holland... Sarah, well we already met her last week at the casting, lovely smile

Wish mood board

Mood board Jemma made for the Make up artist, and also for the feel of the shoot they would like

January 30, 2008

Blue Bottles

aka portugese man of war, because they travel in a pack, like a fleet. Anyway, gorgeous day today, school has started again, surf is a fun 3-4 foot range, it's 30 degrees the water is 22 or so, and oh so clear

andnot too many on the beach, but after being out the water, well after about 4 waves I caught ( good fun waves btw ) I could see a few blue bottles drifting in, and then after paddling out again, one got me bad, frick it stung so bad ( still is while I type this ) first I tried to cope with it, told myself, come on the waves are too good, lets try to stay out here, but the pain got too much. So I went into , straight up to the lifeguards for some vinegar, they obviously knew this was going to happen because they had the vinegar and stingose ready. Now this one got me on the leg, back of the knee , stomach and arm, but the part on the back of the knee was the killer, as the poison travelled up my legs via the sensitive part of the back of my knee straight into the gland in my groin, and oh my, it felt like some one had kicked me between the legs. I could not move and tears were starting to well up in my eyes, but I survived  ( thanks to a ice cold beer and a painkiller ) But I kept thinking of the little 4 to 6 year olds that were playing on the shore line who got stunb as well, they were screaming their lungs out in pain, poor little buggers. So yeah, a big pack of blue bottles floated in , there was about 25 guys surfing and then there were 2 , everybody got stung bad and came in. Later on in the afternoon, about 3 hours later, I went back to have a look, and they had all pretty much blown in onto the sand , and people were surfing again

The only photo I got out in the water as I was trying to peel the sting of my leg

Late afternoon light, late afternoon surf

Wind was still up a bit, but just needed to have a surf, so went out for a late one at Avalon, love this late afternoon light


Mark Warren

After the climb back up , it was time for a swim, but the wind was too strong for Avalon or Whale beach, so we went for a swim at Palmy instead, it was pretty busy down here, last day of school holidays, and out in the water I bump into legendary surfer Mark Warren, I used to work for Mark back in the early 80's when Mark retired from Pro surfing contest and started a surf shop , which I used to work at for 4 years. Mark now runs one of the divisions at Quiksilver international and has just been in Hawaii for all the surf comps there

Shell cove revisited

Today I decided to take the 3 kids on a little adventure to go to the little shell cove in between Palmy and Whaley, but just like when I came down here with Kenny and Coco, I had to get the girls to cling onto my back as I abseiled down the rocky part

So I did a few times, going up again later as well, talk about leg exercise

Jacs comes down as well, a bit hesitant at first, not used to adventures like this since giving birth to twins

But we all made it down safe and sound, except for a few scratches from the overgrown lantana, so spend a bit of time down here in the hot sun

Seagull & sunset

On the way back home from the city, just had to stop of at Narrabeen lake to take a pic of this beautifull sunset, and check the seagull that just dropped in on the photo

He's not camera shy

Nearly a postcard perfect sunset pic