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January 06, 2008

Wind blown umbrella

Like I said before, you can't tell in the photos how windy it is , but the umbrella's are getting wrecked

But it is so necessary for Hanne to stay in shade as much as possible, she can't get too tanned as the New York winter shows are just around the corner

Lunch time

We all walk back to the car park for a much needed lunch, I got my esky full of goodies so we don't have to drive of to try and find some sandwiches

Who says models don't eat. I think the word is metabolisms, different people different metabolisms

Straight into another shot

This shot will look great with the rock, and then Cavalli dress, it is this nice rich, lush fabric , so that will come up great in the photo

always a joy to work with a model who has already been photographed by a lot of the masters, means she just falls right into place, and makes my life a lot easier.
Ok, Tom is moving out of frame, so that means it's my turn now

Hanne Gaby, the model

Shows Tom and Blinie how she wants to pose the next shot, can't tell in this photo, but there is a strong wind blowing, so we are a bit concerned on how the silk pants will look

some final adjustments and ready to do shot number....damn, lost count already, 4 or 5 I think

Protected cove

Our little cove protected from the strong easterly wind, and every now and then a little rain squall will blow past as well

Don't know what those pipes are for, ventilation part of the oil refineries, or ventilation from the old sewage that used to be pumped out here till about 10 years ago

hair check

Don't know what 's going on here, maybe Hanne is using the reflection in Tom's glasses to check her hair, but Tom is holding up the umbrella as it is getting pretty hot and that sun is loving burning Hanne's white skin

I love my little location down here

Feels like a set for The Flinstones

In between shots

It's about a 10 min walk or so to the carpark, so we do 2 shots , then back to the car and get 2 more outfits,
so it is Tom and Blinie that do that

Here they are again, with fresh outfits and refreshments, it's getting hot out here on the rocks

While that goes on, I get Hanne to stay in the cool shade of the rock , Katrina uses that time to do some touch up on the make up

January 05, 2008

2nd shot

All hands on board, forgot to get a shot of the first shot we did, we have 12 shots to do today , and it was raining as we drove to the location, so it is not the perfect blue sky day I had hoped for, but Tom is happy with the weather





and last , but not least, Eveline aka Blinie
now let's goto the location and shoot