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February 29, 2008

Giambattista Valli fall 08

Sky Starcke, sure lets you know what country she's from

Fierce looking shoes ( how about them Bryan )


Olga and Tanya D( not the best shot of Tanya, but she is good value, will always give me a photo when I ask..gladly, and with zest..the Tanya zest )

Tanya running to her rack for second outfit

Heidi, the shoes are a killer

Tanya, after 2nd look, and yes, it is a long runway in those heels


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absolutely love your shots.
love tanya after the 2nd look image x

love the pic of Heidi It's elegant, yet vulnerable beauty :)) That would make an awesome painting

I love love Tanya , I just know I will get a great shot, and not just me, she works it for all the photographers

Tanya is 100% fashion showgirl! Fierce! She was born to do the shows. Love, love Tanya!

i'm so glad i subscribed to your blog! gosh, watching the pics come in is just delightful, and i thought walking in super high heels was only tough for us mere mortals.

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