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108 posts from February 2008

February 29, 2008

YSL winter 08

Great collection, there was some great fabrics, great tailoring with interesting shapes, my only minus point , and it is a big one, why one earth would you want to make the most beautifull girls in the world look like the ugliest dogs , and send them down the runway with absolutely no character, charm,beauty, sex appeal or personality, they all looked the same , and they all looked ugly. Poor girls, no wonder they did not want any photographers backstage

Celina winter 08



and Sky. Wanted to take lots more pictures, but my bloody quantum flash cable is giving me grief , big time, so so frustrating, equipment failure , aaargh

Giambattista Valli fall 08

Sky Starcke, sure lets you know what country she's from

Fierce looking shoes ( how about them Bryan )


Olga and Tanya D( not the best shot of Tanya, but she is good value, will always give me a photo when I ask..gladly, and with zest..the Tanya zest )

Tanya running to her rack for second outfit

Heidi, the shoes are a killer

Tanya, after 2nd look, and yes, it is a long runway in those heels

AnnValerie Hash winter 08

Love happy people backstage

New on the scene, dutch girl from DeBoekers in Amsterdam, Sharan

Tallulah, rocking Oz chic, Luca kept trying to take a photo of her, but she just kept on talking to me and we were both laughing, then trying to be serious , so Luca could take his pictures, it just did not work, at first Luca was ok, but then it wore of on him, poor guy, we were just havin' fun being delirious

Elsa, from Sweden, met her in Stockholm last August

Irina and Kinga, oh, and aren't the clothes looking good

Katya, I met her about 7 years ago, and she just does not seem to age

Barbara Bui

Masha and Sky , a Bryan favourite and a sonny favourite, watch this girl Bryan, she did exclusive in Milan I was just told

Heidi, looks like she's bounced back from being sick only a few days ago

Like I took this photo at 12:35 and there were still models turning up for make up, don't always believe what you read

February 28, 2008


Irina, Veronique and Iekeliene, backstage at Leonard ( Veronique Leroy, as well as having her own line, also does Leonard )

Iek, has fun with it all.
Look, I'm sorry, but don't you think it time for Leonard to get over the print, it has been pretty much the same for ..well I don't know how long, but for the past 8 years now, i know exactly what I am going to get from Leonard , a week before I get there. It would be great to see Veronique actually  do her thing at Leonard, but me has a feeling it is run by a couple of geriatric men, who still think they are onto a good thing, not realizing that they are not tapping into the new market, and instead they enjoy the same sales over the years from the same ladies on the riviera ( I guess ) but they won't be around for ever, so come on you old fools, let Veronique actually design a collection

More on www.hintmag.com

click click for slideshow

Bernhard Willhelm winter 08

The last few seasons Bernhard has had installations, so I always got there too late to be backstage, not this year, awesome make up

I took lots of pictures, but for my blog, decided to do just crazy faces







Bling bling at Givenchy, and walk like a boy

always can expect to see black at Givenchy

Catherine, she's having a busy week

Black and gold

Happy Alison

Yes, this is turning into a long day


Aussie Sky

Awesome hair, super slick on top ,and then dry, brushed out from the neck down

Dutch Iek

Diana, one of only about 3 girls to actually have a cleavage. They are getting skinnier and skinnier the girls, I said it before, I like to see a bit more meat on the bones, as opposed to just see-ing bones