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March 10, 2008

Etienne Deroeux

Also at the Diamant shop opening I met a young guy called Etienne ( young guy..?! what am I saying, when I was 19 and someone referred to me as a young guy I would quickly correct them and say young man, so..correction ) I met a young designer by the name of Etienne

Etienne is cuurently in his first year at the academy, and turns out he already has done some work experience ( in Belgium they call it Stagiare ) at none other than Australian Aurelio Costarella, so young Etienne has already spent some time in Australia, good stuff. Here Etienne models one of his own hooded tops

In his own words
" My inspiration for the mini collection presented at "Diamant", 85 gallery, was to create  unisex casual and researched clothes.The hoody is based on the idea of the parachute, as you can pull on the cords to wrinkle the fabric or to adjust the hood. Also as a parachute helps you to fly, I think you have to be at ease in a hoody, as it is just flying around you, not fitting that much."
I just love how the drawstring that usually comes out of the hooded part near your neck , runs all the way down your front to come out at the waist instead.
So keep an eye out in years to come for Etienne


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Sorry if you think this is gibberish, but I am what they call a "sensitive" and at times when all is quiet around me and I look at pictures of people (or children, or animals), I get hunches about something that's about to happen. Just like now!..
I fear for this young Etienne's life. He is too sensitive to and cannot cope with this hard world although he tries hard to hide it.
If you can... keep an eye on him, talk to him often, try to keep him from doing something very sad and irriversible. Please do what you can, he's an angel on the inside and too kind for this world. But if you are not open to all this, I do not blame you, everybody has to follow his own path. Just thought I had to try and do something to keep the kid alive. Kind greetings from the Antwerp Sister.


I love the idea!I want one!!!

love the idea of unisex casual"

Cool! It IS like a parachute! He's a smart one.

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