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70 posts from April 2008

April 28, 2008

Bryan has arrived

Patty and I convinced Bryan, from www.bryanboy.com to come to Sydney for Fashion week. And her ehe finally is, we meet up for something to eat in the lobby

And then, before retiring for the night, we do the quick tourist stop for a photo

April 27, 2008

A picture tells a 1000 words

And words in this picture would include,"stirring up trouble""government sanctioned unrest""painting a peacefull organizaion in a bad light" and the best one, or rather worst"chinese soldiers dress up as monks "

Surf's up

Finally the clouds have parted, the wind has turned off shore and we got a nice nort East swell pounding the beaches, looking like a good 6 foot out there.
Went out there for a paddle but did not last long, no surfing for 2 months makes you a bit unfit

DaBoys checking it all out

Cool bike, but not quite the same location as this bike shot I took a few weeks ago

Blue light

On the long drive home, pulled over by the cops, good thing I only had the one beer after the show

Nicholas Morley Sydney Show SS08-09

Vanessa Milde, back from overseas to do the Fashion week in Sydney

Nice T, can I have one Nicholas ?

I'm thinking Cyndi Lauper's "girls just wanna have fun "

Emma Johnston ( Emma I did the metalic shoot with in January )

Shoe laces

Done that before

Nicholas and Vanessa , backstage

't was a fun show, first show for me, but this show was not part of the official schedule , as it starts on Monday

Cats and Dogs

Just been in at the office for Oyster, and I'm stuck on the little overhang over the footpath as it is pissing down,Sydney has copped rain now for 12 days straight

Yeah finished

Another lookbook done !

Alicja Wojcik

Is our model today for the look Book, Alicja is from Melbourne with Polish roots, nice smooth Melbournian skin....:-)

April 26, 2008

Wish Look Book

Working for Todd today, doing another look book for one of his labels, everything is on the pic, Todd, Bonnie , make up artist, Alicja, model from Viviens, mood pics for make up and my laptop,only thing missing is the camera

Lunch break, and Alicja hoes into her snadwich, hard work look books :-)

April 23, 2008

Is your car healthy

Freddy reckons we should all check out this site