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112 posts from June 2008

June 28, 2008

Martens Beton

Will be our location today for the shoot with Glen Martens's clothes, we have to hurry as we only have till 5 pm, then the gates shut and we'll be locked in, should have started earlier , as this location is great, but the clouds are playing havoc with me and ares lowing things down a bit

Lars Paschke is helping us today, Pholoso still has her limp dick arm so Lars is like her other arm today, Lars is a 3rd year Antwerp Academy student, well soon he will be 4th year

Layna, wearing one of Lars's dresses, no he did not crochet this dress, it's one of his ( make of that what you will ) More photos later, I just been to the Arnhem show, and am staying the night in a hotel there, with the worst and slowest internet connection ever , like going back to dial up, I planned to add more photos from the shoot and pics from Arnhem, but this connection is killing me, this post took me close to an hour, so bear with me for a few days

Sky Van der Hoek

Shooting with LAyna today , and it's been a while since I worked with Sky to do hair and make up

This will look good ( I know , not looking too special now, but this shot was taken with a phone remember )

June 26, 2008

Favourite Cover

Later that night am going through my kilos and kilos of magazines, and stumbled upon this one , which is one of my fav PULP magazine covers I shot

And inside was this shot of Dion and Dan from Tsubi ( now Ksubi )

Here is the original one minus the flare. Dion, man, what happened to you ? where are you, have not seen you in years ....


Dinner at Roger & Lillian's and she has made yummy Haantjes

Haantjes is a belgian dish, and basically , when the farmer has too many young chicks that will be roosters, he kills them when they are still young, as the farmer is more afte the chickens ( females ) for the eggs, and too  many roosters ruin the chickens

Super Kerel Man

Missed Kerel's birthday on the week end, as I was location hunting, here he is being superman

In Superman street

The perfect city dog

Just always there, not noisy, no need to feed etc...perfect

In the backyard

Big patch of leaves growing, so what

But underneath those leaves, yummy fresh, ripe strawberries, I just have to fight the local field mouse for them

Doing ok for a 1 minute search amongst the plants, I ended up plucking about 2 kilos

Antwerp in Paris

Click on image to enlarge

June 25, 2008

Glen Martens

After having checked out the location I head back to Antwerp to meet up with Pholoso and Glen at Glen's place, here he holds one his pieces, the top part that goes over the dress

Glen's little picture/mood wall

Pholoso is still about 30 min away, so time for a coffee

And on the table Glen has his stash of Remy Stijfsel

Which I gather to be starch, he used on the organza material, to keep the form and shape he was after

Glen has a great veranda at the back of his apartment, and has a great view as he is on the top floor, and for once the sun is out and beaming

Bring it on ( gawd, Bush has ruined that expression )


That must be the church at the hessenplein ?

And a Begijnhof at the back as well

Ok, Pholoso has arrived, so we go through the idea, I show them the location shots, so we talk about ideas for make up

And we come to the conclusion that this should be the colour palette for the make up

Oosterhout cement factory

This was the location I was looking for, Martens cement factory, and...hang on, I just realised something..It's callled Martens a location where I want to shoot Glenn Martens collection, Martens at Martens

Anyway, I saw this huge storage place , with all its concrete tubes, when I was driving through Holland a few years back, and it's always stayed in my head

So I contacted the company today, and here I am in the afternoon checking it out

Eelco, from Martens, is giving me a little tour, and we are looking for his biggest tubes

Just a bit too small to be able to have a model standing in it

But I'm still loving this location