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July 17, 2008

Fuentes Del Algar

And we find it, crystal clearwater, in the middle of these dry arid mountains

Dry and arid on top , and at the bottom left you can see the spring

We head further, to get to the source

Very pretty

Again, dry on top, and spring coming out of the rock in the middle

Close up


Jacqui heads out for a swim, and the air temp is like 33 but the water is straight out of the rock, so..... a  bit refreshing water temp

No, she did not scream..nearly though

Swimming up the gorge

We're not the only ones here, it is a popular spot with the spanish


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wow it's beautiful

nope, did nothing to the picture

That pic of me has been squashed down.... I do not look short and plump in the real photo!

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