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July 31, 2008

Members of the jury

Wilbert Das, head creative at Diesel

Ek Thonprasert, last year's winner

Gareth Pugh, U.K. designer and recent Adnam award winner ( meaning we willbe see-ing him show in PAris this year )

Mandi Lennard, publicist from London, looking after Gareth Pugh, Cassete Playa, House Of Holland etc...

Bernadette Wittman, I'm told , involved with Bread and Butter, plus headhunting

Isabelle Aout, studio director at Martin Margiela and Robin, representing Maria-Luisa from the Paris shop

Susanne Haplle, last years accessories winner

Designer Kei Kagami, who will present the accessory award

Wilbert, again

Barbara from EVE, the she pretty much is EVE, the company that runs and organizes the ITS event

Decisions being made ?

One of the students does her presentation

Nearly all the jury in one picture




Heikki Salonen does his presentation


July 30, 2008

ITS Jury

Ooops, still on tungsten setting

That's better, just had lunch with the jury members and we are now about to  walk to the location where the students willpresent their collection to the jury

Most Obnoxious name for a luxury boat

Or how to have tonnes of money and still be a wanker. Got up early, expecting to go for an early walk in the sun, but seems I dragged the clouds with me from Germany across the Alps, so I walk past the big grandiose plaza

I take a picture of this statue on the waters edge, 'd love if some one could tell me what it is all about, the girl pictured here is threading a needle

I noticed that, just like last year, there's a monstrous big cruise ship moored


But , pppuuurlease, check out the name, enough to make you vomit

I'm wondering what that round thing is

Gsus, looks likes a mean penile extension.....does it come with brakes

ITS and Mini Cooper Join forces

So we have some mini coopers that ferry the Jury and invited guests around this pretty town

and because I came a day earlier than everyone else, I had a pick of the crop and could choose my driver to take me to dinner

And I join Mandi Lennard ( who I hadn't seen since +46 ) and Gareth Pugh ( who I only just met at the last Jeremy Scott show in Paris ) for dinner on the big Plaza

And again this amazing glass chandelier. So there was a few press and guest in town early like me as well, so we had a nice little intimate dinner, but I left early so I could get some bloggin done

Check in

This will be my room for the next few days, they gave a me a bigger room, as they know I need good internet access and they tell me this room has better WiFi acces and just happens to be bigger than the other rooms ( awesome )

Dolomiti Air

From Munich it's onto this little puppy from Air Dolomiti a turboprop, fun plane to cross the alps in to fly to Trieste in Italy

but not having much luck in the scenic alps department, as it is really cloudy, bummer ( not like last year )

Lucky me was in business class, so I could just sit back and read my complimentary TIME and NEWSWEEK

Coming into land at Trieste airport, about 15 km out from the actual city

Every time I fly in here ( 3rd time ) I tell myself to check out this river, although today it does not look as appealing with the overcast condition , and you can see the cloud covered alps we just crossed in the back

But at the airport the sun comes out ( awesome )

July 28, 2008

Brussels Airport

At the airport now ready to go  to Australia,  lucky me is flying business class today so  this shot is taken from the lounge, but it's not much to write about here, unlike the Qantas lounge in Sydney, all you get here is a coffee machine you can help yourself to, juice, croissants, some fruit , and beer ofcourse ( damn it, no champagne ) and to use the internet is one of those Telenet hotspot rip offs. If you want to use the wireless you have to purchase a voucher , and the cheapest voucher is 20 Euro's ( Hello ! ) which gives you 4 hours, but it's not like you can log off , and use the remaining time on another day. Because I'm guessing that the people at Telenet must have figured out that on average we all arrive 4 hours before our boarding time , or I'll just put it bluntly, Telenet are not there to provide a service, but to rip you off. Boycot Telenet, the bastards ( am I sounding irrate...? You bet ) I wrote them a letter, asking them to explain their pricing structure, did I get a re-ply ? No, so I find that pretty lame. So if anyone out there works for , or knows of someone at Telenet, please show them my post

Anyway, enough of my rant, on the plane now , and typical belgian weather, thank gawd for ITS

Take off, and I saw this earlier when I drove to the airport, maybe a bit too small to see in this picture, but the plane on a seperate runway with what looks like a black hawk helicopter next to it

Hmmm,not a nice looking day for Belgium today

Bursting through the grey

but then up here it's nicer

Sun always shines up here

And today I don't just get a sandwich with ham and cheese, I get an actual first class meal, look Jac, prawns, no shell, not even on the tail part, that must be delicate to do , they managed to keep the tail intact minus the skin (shell )

Big mass of clouds we are flying into

YEp, Germany is copping the bad grey summer weather as well

Down we go

So you have a layer of cloud on top, and underneath also on lower altitude these smaller fluffy clouds


Landscape around Munich airport, like the army camouflage colours


Landed, here I will get a transfer to a flight to Trieste ( where the weather won't be like this ...I hope )

July 27, 2008

Gert Jonkers

We head back down to the restaurant for dessert, and Gert ( Fantastic Man & Butt magazines ) has just turned up for the presentation of Wendy & Jim

And he is on the cover of a dutch newspaper with his partner in crime Jop, they are wearing Jeremy Scott, the mickey mouse helmets, hamburger bun top ( complete with meat patty) but they could not fit into the sample sized french fries pants


New H Denim by Wendy & Jim

Diane and I get a little private pre-view of the presentation, Diane wants to have an early night, and I still need to drive back to Antwerp as I'm off to Trieste tomorrow

The presentation is in their hotel room, same hotel Diane is staying at

And already am loving the 2-tone effect



Wendy quickly models a few pairs for us

I like this one

It looks like a photoprint the top part, or more like a photocopy, great effect

These are great too, inside out ripped ones



And their campaign looks awesome too, and it is pronounced New H[age] Denim ( clever )


Exchange cards

Then take a portrait shot



Diane in Amsterdam

After dropping of Jacqui at the airport I meet up with Diane at the Lloyd hotel, she is in town for the Denim awards, sort of part of the whole Amsterdam fashion week that is about to kick off

We go downstairs to meet up with Mo Veld I sit in the sun and Diane in the shade ofcourse, we wouldn't have it any other way, soon we are joined by the other jury members and contestants from the Denim awards, the awards are on tomorrow night, and this time is now is about everybody meeting everyone over drink and dinner

Mo, Wendy & Jim at dinner

Wendy & Jim are on the jury as well, and tonight they are presenting their new denim collection , New H

I love the big windows, lot of the plder buildings in holland have these huge windows, so there's no hiding, I guess it was to let in a lot of light back in the old days before state electricity and electricity grids

One of the contestants and Thomas the show producer