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August 31, 2008

Cramped in

And I'm only a little fella, i'm feeling so cramped in here and it is hard for me to get my head around how people larger, bigger and taller than me do it

Window seat

With a view out to a rain soaked sydney airport tarmac, bring on summer

Sydney Qantas Lounge

Sitting in the Qantas lounge, catching up on some work and doing a bit of Vuzi-ing and now told flight is delayed for 2 hours ( technical issues, more like this engineers strike is going on too long and the Qantas directors ought to come to the negotiating table and stop inconveniencing their customers as opposed to acting too arrogant to talk to the engineers ) Anyway, that means no sunset pictures on this flight to Bangkok and onto London, hang on Bangkok, oh cool , I might be able to get more than just my foot massage I get at Singapore airport

Meanwhile, outside, Winter continues

Sydney Winter Clouds

Awesome formations

Last day at Palmy

So why not go for a walk to the joey again

India ( and Evan above )

The dune from the Joey looking at the surfbreak the joey,but super small today

and looking at Palm beach,showing the thin strip of land that separates the ocean from Pittwater

Jacs and I waiting for Evan and Belle as they lost one of his socks on the top of the dune

Come dig ya mongrels :-)

Waiting for ya mate

When you go surfing, and you jump in the car with yer mate to go surfing, chances are that one of you always comes in from the surf before yer mate, so you get the case of one out in the water, having a good surf, and the other perhaps not carving it that day or too cold or tired, waiting in the car park for mate to come in

and here he comes

but the main reason  I wanted to show this was the clouds



Time I ought to get on a boat and have a bit of a cruise

But for now, rugged up , sitting on Pier one having a drink and going through the Biennale catalogu

August 29, 2008


We just had a quick look at the biennale at pier 2, but there was only one sculpture one painting and one sound installation , oh and no photos allowed

Sydney winter

Having a drink at pier one looking west

August 28, 2008

Underwater Australia

Lorna loves the attention she gets when she’s in fishnets.
This image is part of a triptych that is currently showing 
in an photographic exhibition by Richard Vevers.
The exhibition is part of the Ultimo Science Festival and
runs until 31 August at the Muse Gallery,
TAFE Ultimo College, Mary Ann Street, Ultimo, Sydney.
The exhibition highlights the research work supported by the
Sydney Aquarium Conservation Fund such as the monitoring
of Lorna and the other seahorses on the Manly nets.