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September 30, 2008

Kris Van Assche

First show for me for the week ahead

Nice collection if you are into black

Was difficult for me to shoot this collection as KCD were on my case, well not really KCD, just one of the lackeys working for them, he asked me to leave the backstage as I was not on the "list" , when one of the other guys interjected and said that actually, I was on the list, funny, as it seemed to piss him off, so he told me I had to stay in thisone spot andnot move, booorrring

But you get an idea of the collection

Peter, make up artist, put all these tattoes on the girls


Bruno Pieters casting/Fitting

Thought I'd pop in for 20 minutes at Pieters Paris HQ to show you a little what goes on.
Evelien doing the casting with her sister Natalie ( not in picture )

Models come and go

Hair team do a hair test , so the designer can see it and discuss any changes as opposed to backstage before the show

Outside in the courtyard there's a Avocado tree growing

So model has to show their book, then walk the walk

In this case it is Masha

And then have a photo taken, around the corner in the other room, Bruno and his team are fitting the clothes on some of the models already confirmed for the show tomorrow, but I did not want to take any pics of that A. girl is semi-naked B. don't want to spoil by showing a bit of the collection before the show

Iek arrives

She has done the show for Bruno quite a few times now, but the models still need to turn up for casting and fittings

But it is not all business like, Iek and Evelien talk about shopping in New York,comparing notes on shop locations

Other models turn up , which in some cases in friends not seen in a while

Bruno and Iek doing Iek;s bunny pose

aaaah, Paris on a warm autumn afternoon

Just a couple of quick random shots


Dinner at MArtine & Sydney's

Yummy home cooked meal, Sydney is quite the cook, and Martine the host. I have been coming to their place now for well over 8 years, and watching the kids grow, Maxime is getting tall

And there is a new addition, no just kidding, Jenna is doing some caring work and looking after little Priya ( not sure on the spelling ) who is the most charming and adorable 2 year old

Jenna, no longer the 14 year old I am used to knowing, she's a young lady now, and even though she is supposed to earning some pocket money by looking after Priya, tonight she's going out ( well what 18 year old wouldn't on a friday night )

So Martine takes over for the night


And Maxime has a new toy...guitar hero


Our home for the next 9 days

View from apartment ( shit , 4th floor and no elevator , damn, my legs are gonna hate me )

Beautiful day in Paris on our arrival

Best thing about the apartment we rented for the week, a record player and a stack of music, the owner had a taste for punk and rock, so lots of dead kennydys to listen to as well as Lou Reed, Led Zep, Jimi Hendricks, Jeff Beck, Madness, Boomtown Rats, the Jam etc..fun

Iek unpacking, and a little miffed, as she spent hours ironing, but as the suitcase was a lot bigger than what she needed, it all just got crumpled anyway in transport

Rocking to Thin Lizzy

But now it's of to fittings and castings for Iek

At Dolce& Gabana

Big sign outside, no video, no camera and no mobiles, woauw, not even the press ( as in the editors and journalists ) are allowed to take pictures

Schwisset looking carpark

Is that even a word , schwissest ? Doubt it will score you points on scrabble, anyway, just thought this was a cool carpark, but now that I look at it, it probably is too small for a carpark, and maybe is a way of getting to the top floor of the building out of the picture on the left ?

My bed in Milan

I just snapped this , as I was literally walking out the door to the airport, the apartment was way cool , and it really does not reflect in this photo, the rest of the apartments floor tiling was all broken piece, but so smooth and immaculate, I really should have taken more pictures, but I was having serious computer malfunctions going on keeping up late and stressed. Perhaps I'll stay here again and will take some better photos

Dinner with Iekeliene

You've hear of wood oven pizza, we found this place that does brick overn pizzas, yummy, I had one with goats cheese


Landed, what a great flight that was, haven't gottem such great photos in a long time, if only I had more flights like, like say on a flight to Sydney and back

Again , big thank you to Capt. Giuseppe Lapenta . I tried to say thanks on the plane, I was the last one of, but the door to the cockpit was closed, and I didnot want to set of any alarms by knocking on that door, but see-ing as we had to get of on the tarmac and onto a bus, I gave him a big thumbs up sign