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November 14, 2008

Lanvin, backstage pre-show

forgot this guy's name , damn it, but he is lighting genius for the runways in Paris, I was so impressed with the lighting at the Chanel show, that I just had to sniff this guy out to let him know I appreciate and recognise his talent. He liked ( who doesn't like a compliment ) that I came to tell him, as it felt like not a lot of people do, so thumbs up my lighting guy

A lot of waiting around for the girls to finish make up and get into their outfits

Mr Elbaz, cool , calm and collected ( and yes BB , I gave him your mobile number, but then you had to go and lose it at Singapore )


Model booker, keeping tab on things, but also waiting for everything to start , so he can then get his girl to the next appointment

Antonello Trio

Anya Kazakova's mum ( she's one of the russian newbies)

British Press ( check the other guys, just waiting )



Greg not in these pics as he's probably out there doing front row, but here comes the girls to get dressed


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TRANSLATION (thanks to online babelfish site)

good memories of that fantastic parade!

I guess, thanks

Que de buenos recuerdos de ese fantastico desfile!

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