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November 27, 2008

Sonia Rykiel

Bette, before the frizz_PAR4691
Ditto for Alice_PAR4695
We have frizz now _PAR4697
Le Shoe_PAR4700 Iek_PAR4704 _PAR4709
Ooops, forgot the name of this model, she has a great smile doesn't she_PAR4712
Yeay, Kinga strikes a pose _PAR4717 _PAR4719
Hmmm, no comment, perhaps, I didn't stay , too late_PAR4724
_PAR4729 Abbey Lee looking great_PAR4731 _PAR4732
Anya snapping a pic


Abbey Lee_PAR4747


Always about big smiles at Sonia's shows, Kasia, Jourdan , Siri & Karlie_PAR4785
Should have put white glasses on Marina_PAR4791
Iek again_PAR4800
And we finish with Tanya


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Thanks Len, thanks Starling, yes, me too am over plastic skin, and I can see what you mean about Abbey and a Olsen, but serioulsy , Abbey is way better looking than those short little upstarts

I don't usually appreciate portrait photos (my own photography consists of mainly landscapes and urban scenes etc) - these photos on the other hand really grabbed my attention. Of course the models have pretty faces that may account for some of my interest (being an average red blooded male lol) but it is the immediacy and naturalness of the finished results which are so refreshing and engaging to my eye. What a relief from the usual over photoshopped and airbrushed visual cliches! Well done :)

Lush photos Sonny...showing these girls to be the true beauties they are. Is it me or does Abbey Lee look like on (or two) of the Olsens? :S

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