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November 28, 2008


Kate & Eniko _PAR7268
Liu Wen_PAR7272 Nice big bag_PAR7275 Myf_PAR7285 _PAR7291 Olga_PAR7294 Kasia_PAR7312 Kinga_PAR7321 Sheila_PAR7333 Toni Garn_PAR7335 Alyona_PAR7344 Kinga_PAR7349 and again_PAR7353 Aline Webber_PAR7364 Myf_PAR7371 Stazia_PAR7380 Heidi


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, yes, it is bad, yes, there are models way too skinny, butthen we need to start focussing on stopping all these papparzzi magazines , with "celeb" photos caught on the beach "looking fat" when they are just looking normal. And in the fashion industry things are changing, plus governments are now passing laws, banning images of models that have been photoshopped to a degree where they look thinner/skinnier than what they are. and re children starving, that's been happening or thousands of years

what's happening? don't you see those skelletons anymore? this is real bad, somebody has to take action. those emaciated girls are killing themselves and what the heck for??i don't see the beauty in the clothes anymore when i'm looking at starving people. isn't it bad enough that every 10 seconds a child dies of hunger''

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