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December 13, 2008

Chicken Brain Internet

This is the ridiculous situation I am in , I pay 90 bucks a month to use my mobile as a modem for the lap top so I can go on the netIMG_3154
and the phone needs to be in , what's called a 3G network area, which, is pretty much all of a Sydney, all of the northern beaches, all of Avalon, but , not Jacqui's place, literally , as soon as you cross into her property, 3G drops out. Now I been on the phone with Vodafone about this for 5 months, and one lady has been really helpfull in trying to get to the bottom of this as to why this is happening, as this has only started in since about Feb this year, and for 2 years before I had no problem. The way Vodafone works is you speak to a customer service representative and they tried to help you , if they can't they make a customer problem description ( or something aling those lines ) and feed it onto the tech department, but they can't keep track of the technical department to see what progress they are having or what the problem is in the first instance. All they could tel me was that thye are working on it, and se-ing that they been working on it now for 5 months, it begs the question as to when it will be completed, but , customer service can't tell me as they do not have any form of communication with their technical department ( and this for a communications company---bizarre) IMG_3155
So here I am , sitting at the neighbours fence to get 3G coverage, but I must prop up the umbrella, ladder and big bits of cardboard so I can not have a glare factor on the screen. Got my coffee and notice the slingshot, that's to keep these pesky minor birds from swooping down on the cat and the chickens


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that is friggin hilarious Sonny - I like a little 2nd world at the best of times - this is a little more than annoying!
however the chicken looks to be good company.
that should be an anti ad campaign
send them a link - that could kick start them x

And they do it ( they being the big wigs ) on purpose. so that you just give up and accept it

that's exactly how it's like over here. in other words, "customer service" is nothing really but a bunch of message takers. :)

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