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December 20, 2008

Oh yes I did BB

That little black dot right behind the plane, that would be me_AUS2349s
After about 30-45 second freefall, I chute back down to earth_AUS2350s
My first time parachuting, so first timers always have to go tandem_AUS2365s
And back on the ground, woauw, that was Fun with a capital F


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not even 10 minutes, the freefall part is too short, less than a minute, or close to, and then about 5 minutes to float back down

all good, def. worth doing, I'll do it with next time you are in town if you want


I would love to try it but I'm petrified!

How long was the journey from air to ground? As in, how long did it take from the moment you got off the plane to the moment you land? 30 minutes?

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